Monday, December 2, 2013

Halloween, 2013

Thanksgiving is over, our Christmas tree is up and I am just posting pictures of Halloween:). The girls love Halloween and this year did not disappoint.  Unfortunately it was a wet, rainy day but that did not keep us from trick or treating for hours. I held the big umbrella and they collected lots and lots of candy. We walked around the neighborhood with a couple of their friends and they were all smiles and laughs.  When we got home we counted their candy and they graphed it for their homework assignment (not due until the following week). They loved seeing how much candy they received. It was once again a fun Halloween in our neighborhood!

Our little Sock Monkey!

Our sweet Tootsie Roll!

Spotting me at the school parade

Every Tootsie Roll and Sock Monkey needs 
a cute pair of earrings!