Monday, September 23, 2013

Lucy Is Seven!

We now have two seven year olds in our house!  Lucy had a great Birthday! Her birthday fell on a Friday and it was Fall Field Day at school. She thought it was great because they announce the daily Birthdays first thing in the morning at school. All day people told her Happy Birthday which I think made her day. She asked if we could go to her her favorite restaurant in the city for her Birthday dinner. It being a Friday night and her Dad flying in we thought we better wait until Saturday to go downtown.  Instead I made her favorite pasta dinner with a little help from both she and Kit. They put on their aprons and helped me cook dinner. Lucy wanted to dine alfresco so she and Kit set the table outside. They picked flowers from the yard and filled up vases for the table.  It was a perfect evening to eat outside!  We had cake and then opened her gifts! She LOVED everything she received!  She couldn't thank us enough.  On Saturday we all got dressed up - she chose all of our outfits and headed downtown. We enjoyed a great meal with pretty views of the city! I think our Birthday girl had a great weekend!!!

Enjoying her first Birthday phone call from Mimi

Kit had her gift waiting for Lucy 
at the breakfast table

Getting ready for dinner

Making a wish!

So excited to get a diary like Kit's

Thrilled with her new AG Doll

You can never have too much cake!

Happy Birthday Sweet Lucy!!! I can't believe you are seven. Where has the time gone??  Every year no matter what age you are I say it is my favorite age  and it is! Every year that we have had you and Kit have been my favorite years. You bring so much joy and happiness to our lives!  You continue to be our sweet girl. You wake up happy and go to be bed happy. You are thoughtful and kind. You always include everyone and want to make certain everyone is happy and okay. You are a rule follower through and through. Your art teacher just told me that you always make sure everyone is listening in class and you try to help her quiet people down. (Not sure this goes over well with your classmates but your teacher sure loves it:). You are funny and silly. You make me laugh all of the time. You love to read and to swim and play tennis. Right now your favorite thing to do is to ride your bike. You could ride forever. You love to go on long bike rides with me. I always let you pick the route. You almost always chose to ride down a pretty road that runs along the lake. There are beautiful homes along the way. You always pick your favorite ones and tell me that you are going to buy one when you are older and have Dad and I live with you so I can look at the water all day and have my own little beach!! You're always thinking of me:) You are a good friend and a good sport. You are a great helper. There's not much that you don't like to help me with. You love helping me cook anything, you love helping me with a project, you love planting flowers and plants and you love helping Dad in the yard. I could go on and on about all the things I love about you. What I love most is that you are my sweet daughter! I always tell you that if I could have chosen any girl in the whole wide world to be my daughter it would  have been you - lucky me God chose you for us! Happy Birthday Lucy!!!! I hope you have a fun, fun year and it is as special as you are!!! Love you to the moon and back Lulu!! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Grade!

It is hard for me to believe that Kit and Lucy are in First Grade.  They started on Monday and had a great first week. Just like last year they are in separate classrooms. They each have two teachers. Each one of them has had one of their teachers in years past. So they were both thrilled with the classrooms that they were assigned.  After a mild Summer we started school with a Summer high of 96 degrees! Yikes. The heat didn't seem to spoil their first day. They came out all smiles. We went for a frozen yogurt and talked about all the fun they had. I am hoping that they both have a great year!  

Meeting up with their buddies!

Saying good bye before they go to their classrooms
 (which are right next door to one another)