Saturday, August 31, 2013

American Girl!

The girls love their American Girl Dolls. They spend hours at a time playing with them. All Summer they played with them.  During the last week of Summer vacation I surprised them with a trip downtown and a visit to The American Girl Doll Store. I can't tell you how many times we have driven by the store and each time they ooh and ahh. We had yet to go,so needless to say they were thrilled with their surprise. We were very lucky as they store was close to empty. The tourists were gone for the Summer and many schools in the area started the week before us. We pretty much had the store to ourselves! The girls were in heaven. They were smiles from ear to ear. They spent lots of time looking around and deciding what to buy for their dolls. Lucy had a gift card and spent what seemed like hours calculating all of the different variations of what she could purchase with her card.  After the decisions were made we went to the dining room and enjoyed a late afternoon lunch. I must say it was one of the nicest days I have had with the girls. It was a perfect way to end our Summer!

Loving having lunch with their dolls

All smiles!

Strolling down one of our favorite streets!

They both fell asleep on the car ride home!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kit's 7th Birthday

On Saturday Kit celebrated her 7th Birthday!! It was her day so she could do whatever she wanted. She chose to spend the day at the beach! We packed up a lunch which included all of her favorite things and we headed down to the beach for an entire day of fun. Kit did her favorite things she swam in the lake, built sand castles, played beach restaurant, watched the sailboats and enjoyed every minute!  We walked home, cleaned up and got ready to go to dinner, she asked if she could pick out all of our outfits since it was her birthday. We all agreed and she went through each of our closets and laid out what she picked on our beds:) We then went out for a nice Birthday dinner. We came home and had the cake that she picked out at the bakery all on her own. She had a yellow cake with fresh strawberries inside and covered in white butter cream frosting. It was delicious! After cake we opened her gifts and she was smiles from ear to ear.   She was so cute as she opened each gift. She thanked us over and over again.  When I tucked her in she told me it was her best Birthday ever!

Guess who is seven?

She loved her cake!

Time for presents!

She wanted to open Lucy's gifts first!

As you can see she LOVED them!

Every gift brought this smile to her face!

Happy Birthday Sweet Kit!!! I can't believe you are seven! Three years ago we were getting ready to come to China to meet you! We had just finalized everything right before your 4th Birthday. I was so sad that we couldn't be with you on your Birthday. It would be a few months until we would meet you. I managed to send you a Birthday cake and some special gifts that you still have today. I received pictures of you blowing out your candles and eating your cake. I was so happy that we could somehow be a little part of your 4th Birthday. I wondered what you were like, what your voice would sound like, what your personality was. I wondered what activities you enjoyed, what you liked to eat and what you liked to play. We couldn't wait for you to be part of our family.

Three years later and I could never, ever imagine life without you!  You are as sweet as they come - and as stubborn as well! You have an infectious laugh, the sweetest smile, the biggest heart. You love to hula hoop and jump rope.  Both of which you have mastered! You love to draw and to color. You are quite independent and enjoy your time alone. You could spend hours doing a craft project or coloring the perfect picture with much attention to detail. You love patterns. You love to dance and sing. You always tell me to turn up the radio in the car when you hear one of your favorite songs. I always catch you Irish Dancing somewhere around the house. You love soccer and tennis and have become a great swimmer!  You are very determined. You work hard at everything you do. You love to daydream (and morning dream as well:), You have a favorite joke that you like to tell. You love to eat!!! You try everything and like most things. You're favorite thing to do is to snuggle. You could sit by me all day and hug me. If we didn't have anything else to do that would be fine by me. You have a come a very long way in a short time. You love your Lucy! You go along with every crazy thing she has you do. You never care if you go first, you let her make the rules and give out the orders all with a smile. You love your Dad and you are his little peanut! You love me as much as I love you if that's possible!! You always tell me that you are so happy to be part of our family. Each time you say it it brings a smile to my face and sometimes a little tear to my eye!

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girl!  We love you to the moon and back!!!!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hilton Head, 2013

Q: What do you get when you have 2 Grandparents, 
5 Aunts, 5 Uncles and 23 cousins all gathered in one place? 

A: Kit and Lucy's Family Vacation to Hilton Head.  

Nothing better than being with cousins!

The BEST part was having 
Mimi and Grandpa back with us this year!

Keeping Aunt Cathy shaded:)

We found Starfish and Sand dollars

We rode bikes

Played Soccer

And had our favorite Bocci ball tournament!

Lucy learned some cheers!

The girls had a dance party
 with their older cousins!

They learned to twerk! - Yikes!

Early morning crabbing with Uncle Joe!

Jumping for Joy!

25 cousins strong!!!
We missed Grace, Clare, Finn and James!