Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Ride To Remember!

We had our school auction this past fall and we bid on a fire engine ride to school for the girls.  We kept it a secret from them until yesterday.  I woke them up a little early and told them they had a surprise ride to school. They tried to guess who was picking them up but didn't figure it out. We ate our breakfast, packed our backpacks and went outside to wait for the mystery driver.  The girls stood on the sidewalk and waited patiently. All of a sudden we heard a noise coming from the corner. The Fire Engine rounded the corner and they went crazy. As soon as the driver saw them he turned on the lights and pulled in front of our house. From there on out it was pure excitement! They got to take a peek around the inside of the truck, we took a few pictures and then "Fireman Mike" was nice enough to invite me along on the ride. We all got inside and off we went. We drove all around the neighborhood and saw lots of friends walking to school. The windows of the truck were open so the girls got to wave to everyone they saw. We saw friends driving as well, and they were all waving and screaming. I must say it was a fun ride!! We pulled up to school and everyone looked to see who was in the fire engine.  Mike was nice enough to park outside one of the Kindergarten classrooms.  I walked the girls in and all of their classmates got to see the truck from the window! They were almost as excited as Kit and Lucy! It was a perfect ride and one I hope they will remember for a long time!  

Patiently waiting for their ride!

Lovie and Sheli coming to see what was going on!

Here he comes!

He sees the girls and turns on the lights!
So excited!

Blurry Picture - but I think you can see their excitement!

I joined in on the fun!
Inside and ready to go!

Kit taking her job seriously!

It was a tight fit in that big truck!

Concerned about a call that came in.
Nothing to worry about though:)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ahhh How We Have Missed You!

After what seems to have been the longest Winter and then the oh so cold and wet Spring - we actually saw the sun today along with warmer temperatures. There was only one place we wanted to be and that was at the beach. I picked the girls up from school, packed a picnic dinner and off we went with buckets in hand. With the sun on your face and the sand in your toes all the long days of Winter seem to slip away!  Here's to warmer temperatures and longer days!

Mother's Day ~ 2013

Happy Mother's Day ~ 2013