Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Soccer

We have had a busy Fall and today we finished the Fall Soccer Season! The girls really loved it. (one of them loved it - the other learned to like it:). We played every Saturday morning for the past 7 weekends. We had Sunny days, warm days, rainy days and cold days!  The warm days were the best:) We could have all done without the cold and rain - but the girls played through. They learned a lot from their two very patient coaches and in the last game Kit scored her first goal!!! I must say it was not for lack of trying. She is quite the aggressive player and was always running to the ball. Her sister on the other hand was a slight bit cautious and careful about taking the ball from any of her friends! They both had a great time and were thrilled with the ribbons they received at the end of todays game!