Monday, August 27, 2012


Two girls started Kindergarten today and they couldn't have been more excited! They will be going all day starting tomorrow. They eased into it with a half day today which was just fine by me. I was the only one who was sad. For the first time they are in different classes. They decided Lucy would go to her room first.  We brought her in and stayed a minute.  Lucy told me it was okay if I left. When we got ready to  go she gave Kit a big hug and told her she would do great and she would see her at 12:00. Kit kissed her and off she went.  We went to Kit's room and she saw lots of her friends and got right to work! She kissed me good bye and went with her friends. It made me happy to see them both excited and all smiles!

Can't wait to get there!

Lovey paid them a visit -
 I think he will miss them as much as me:)

Lucy was happy to find her cubby

Kit was all smiles!

Reuniting with their buddies

Here's to a good year!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Look Who's Six!

Our sweet Kit turned six yesterday!! She was so excited for her Birthday - we have been counting down the days for weeks. She woke up early ran into our room and told me she was six today. She gave me a big kiss and said, "Sorry Mommy". I asked what she was sorry for and she told me she was sorry for getting older as she knows I love her being my little girl!  It doesn't matter what age she is she will always be my little girl.  She had her favorite breakfast and we colored some pictures. She said all she wanted to do for her birthday was go to the pool. So swimming we went!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Blue skies, sunny and 80 degrees. We had the pool almost to ourselves and she loved every minute we were there. She received lots of phone calls and each one put a smile on her face.  She choose her favorite restaurant for dinner. She opened her gifts before we left for dinner and she was thrilled with each one!! When we came home we had cake and played with her Hello Kitty walkie talkies. when I tucked her in she told me it was the best day ever!!!!  

Happy Birthday Sweet Kit - 
We love you to the moon and back!!!!!   

Enjoying her favorite appetizer ~ Calamari

Her favorite meal - noodles with olive oil, parmesan and pepper!

Loving each gift!

One crazy Birthday candle!

Finally - a piece of cake!

Loving the walkie talkies!

May this be a wonderful year Sweet girl!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hilton Head ~ 2012

We went on our annual trip to Hilton Head and as always had a WONDERFUL time!!!!  The girls loved every minute and couldn't get enough of their cousins or aunts and uncles!  The only thing missing were Mimi and Grandpa. We look forward to them being back next year! Every day was filled to the brim with activities. The best part was everyone being together! It was hard to come home but we will be happy just thinking about next year!

We found star fish and sand dollars

Searched for minnows

and built lots of drip castles!

We got to hang out with the big girls!

We watched lots of The Olympics
Water Polo anyone?

We dug in the sand, 
Jumped in the waves

Hung out with the girls!

We played paddle ball and baseball every day!

We went in the ocean and Kit loved this boat!

We had fun with Conor

Had lots of fun treats!

We continued to find the big kids!

We boogie boarded!

and jumped and jumped!

We covered ourselves in sand!

We talked 

and we laughed!

One night we had our faces painted

We smiled every day!

We loved being with Daddy all week!
We were spoiled by our older cousins!

We played LOTS of bocci ball!!!!!

We played and played!

And played some more!

Some days we won and some days we didn't:(

We relaxed and had fun ~ every single day!

We got dressed up and smiled for Mom!

We hugged our Dad!

We stared at the water and 

Walked on the beach!

Most of all
We loved being with one another!