Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ballet Recital

The girls had their dance recital this past weekend. They have been taking their ballet class since August and this was the Grande Finale!! They had a ball. There are eight girls in their dance class and six are their friends from school. One of their good friend's aunt has a beauty salon and did all of the girls hair and make up prior to the show. It was so cute. She had a big table filled with fruit and cookies and ballerina cupcakes. The girls all took their turns and one was better than the next. They all looked so cute and had so much fun. We went home to get changed, pick up Rich and see the neighbors. (they had to show their hair and make up off to someone!). Then we were off to the recital.  They were the 16th act in the show. We waited patiently for them to come on stage and perform The Cinderella Waltz. They did not disappoint. It was so sweet and they were  too cute!  They bowed gracefully and loved the applause.  We hosted a b-b-q for all of their friends and their parents afterwards. We had a house full of happy dancers!!!

ps - We love you Mimi:)

Getting ready!

My sweet Dancers!

Visiting their favorite Babysitter

My favorite Girls!!!!