Monday, May 14, 2012

Going To The Bank

Today was the day that the girls have been waiting for, for sometime.  They opened their own Junior Savers Savings Accounts. They were both so excited. We emptied their piggy banks and put the contents into Ziplock bags. Then we carried our big change jar from the kitchen to the bank.  The girls have been saving for a long time.  They save their birthday money, the money that their Daddy gives them from his pockets, the change they find in the washer and dryer when they help with laundry and the change I give them when we get change at the grocery store.  They know Colin at the bank and he was right there waiting for us when we got there this morning.  He brought them over to his desk and explained everything they were going to do. He gave them each a cup of water and their own pens to fill out their deposit slips. Their favorite part was pouring all of their change into the "King Change Counter!"  They went to the checker themselves and deposited their money. They were each given a Jr. Savers t-shirt, a piggy bank, gift certificates to their favorite ice cream store and last but not least their savings passbook!!! Lucy was a bit miffed when she asked where her debit card was and was told she wasn't getting one:(. They were happy none the less and are looking forward to saving their money!

Lucy and her bag of money

Kit and hers!

Standing in front of the bank

Getting ready to pour in their change!
Here Goes!

"WOW", exclaimed both girls!

Filling out her first deposit slip

All ready!

Making their first deposit!

It's Official - a real bank customer!

Enjoying her cookie afterwards!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Sing Take Two

For some reason I had a problem with the videos before.  The ones below sing to be working. Enjoy!

The girls learned The American Sign Language for the songs.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Sing

The girls just had their Spring Show at school. They have been practicing their songs for months.  They walk around the house signing their songs and it always brings a smile to my face.

There was one that I particularly enjoyed hearing. When I asked the girls if I could video them and they could choose their favorite song they were both quick to choose the same song. It happens to be the one I loved the most!

Right Before The Show

Being silly!

All ready to sing!

In the moment!

Enjoy their Sweet voices:)