Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Tie A Bow

The girls are obsessed with shoe laces, ribbons, strings or anything else that they can tie into a bow.  Kit tried on a dress today to see if it fit - I am not sure how many bows later but we determined it was a good fit!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter!! The girls were so excited to dye Easter eggs. We boiled all of them on Friday so that they were ready for us on Saturday. They were both quite meticulous with how they dyed and decorated (sparkled!) their eggs. They knew whose egg was whose and hoped the Easter Bunny knew as well!

Hard at work!

We went to bed early on Saturday in anticipation of The Easter Bunnys arrival!  Kit and Lucy both woke up early and knew it was Easter! We went downstairs to search for our baskets!

Where is my basket?!

I found Mine!

Me too!
(love Kit behind Lucy:)

Checking out our loot!

Kit was happy to see that the Easter Bunny gave her the right eggs!

After looking through our baskets and maybe sneaking a treat or two we got dressed and ready for Mass.

Kit loves to wink and whistle!

Daddy and his girls!

After Mass we went to a delicious brunch and enjoyed the morning with friends!

Kit can't wait to get her breakfast!

The girls were so excited to run into
 The Easter Bunny!

They were just as excited to find
the dessert table:)!

Then it was off to the petting zoo!

Not to sure about this goat!

Would love to know what the secret was

Easter 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

We lived through the Winter that wasn't and now Spring is in the air in Chicago!  I must admit Spring is my favorite Season of the year -  I love everything about it. I think the girls feel the same way. This past weekend Rich picked up a seed starter kit for them and they went to work planting their seeds! They were quite diligent in their seeding efforts - we are hoping their hard work pays off and we see some results this Summer.  They have enjoyed staring at their plantings all week - although they are in a bit of a hurry to see some green!

Getting ready to plant

Filling up the containers just to the top!

Excited about their seeds!

Carefully counting out seeds

Hoping for the best!