Saturday, February 4, 2012

Father Daughter Dance

Last night the girls attended their first Father Daughter Dance. They had been counting down the days until their night out with their Dad.  They have been practing their dance moves for the past couple of weeks. They were so excited to get all dressed up. We did manicures and pedicures and they had me blow dry their hair for the big night. They couldn't wait to show Rich their dresses.  When they saw him dressed up they both told him he was going to be the "handsomest" Dad at the dance! They had so much fun and were worn out by the time they came home. Rich told me they (the girls) danced to every song.  They danced with all of the "big girls" from school. There was a DJ who would get them all together and show them how to do a certain dance. Kit was first in line for every dance!! Rich said she listened to everything he said and then would immitate all of his moves. He said she didn't want to stop.  Lucy was fighting a bad cold and ear infection and wasn't quite herself. Rich said she was a good sport and danced most of the night but was ready to come home. Kit on the other hand told him she didn't want to leave and could dance all night! Yikes - I'm afraid she might be the life of the party and the last one to leave everytime! Wonder who she gets that from?  They both saved a few dances for their Dad and told me they had the best night ever! 

Practicing their moves!

With their favorite date!

One silly picture before they leave!