Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween, 2012

One week until Thanksgiving and I am just organizing my Halloween photos:). The girls had a perfect Halloween. They marched in the parade at school and loved being dressed up. They came home and we hit the streets.  It was a little cold but my witch and my flight attendant did not needs coats. They wanted everyone to see their costumes! They walked and walked until they couldn't walk anymore. They came home and counted their candy and went to bed dreaming of treats!

The Good Witch!

The cutest flight attendant ever!

Please turn off all of your electronics

I mean it!

Counting their loot!

So Happy!


Purple Flowers said...

So happy, so adorable!!!

likeschocolate said...

It can't get cuter than that! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jboo said...

Great costumes!! They both look so adorable!


DiJo said...

Those costumes rock B!!!! It looks like they had an awesome Halloween!!! We need to catch up!!!

Miss you,

lori carolina said...

Oh my goodness I am dying over these girls, you must constantly have a smile on your face, no?! lol
They both look awesome, love Lucy's green face and Kit is hilarious, def cutest FA ever!!!:)))