Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Symphony

We have tried to take in lots of Christmas activities this past month. Yesterday we took the girls downtown to go to the Yuletide Symphony performance.  We attended the three o'clock matinee. Orchestra Hall was so pretty! It was decorated beautifully for Christmas. The show was just as pretty. The symphomy played all of our Christmas favorites as well as some songs we had never heard before. They were accompanied by the largest chorus I have ever seen. The girls seemed to really enjoy it. They both sang the songs they knew and listened quite well.  After the performance was over we went outside and Lucy hailed a cab for us (her favorite thing to do in the city!)  We then went out for a nice Italian dinner. It was a perfect way to end our month of Christmas activities!

Kit taking in all the sights on the way to the show

Intermission break

One of the ushers asked if she could take our picture
This is what we got :)!

Kit belting out a Christmas tune!

Lucy enjoying her dinner!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Pageant

The girls just finished their last day of school until after the new year. The pre-school, Jr. Kindergarten, and Kindergarten class put on the cutest Christmas Pageant. The girls practiced their songs for weeks and I never tired of hearing them. We went to the show and loved every minute of it!!! Both Kit and Lucy spotted us in the crowd and gave us a big wave. When it was their turn to sing they sang "loud and proud" and Kit threw in a few dance moves:) I loved it! 

Before The Show

Kit being Silly!

Kit spotting us in the crowd

Lucy spotting us

Singing loud and proud

Look at the faces:)
Everyone together

When we came home the girls sang their
two favorite songs for me:)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Little Elf

We have a little Elf in our house who is causing quite a stir. The girls get the biggest kick out of him and they can't believe where he shows up every day!! Oh the places he's been. Wherever he is he can always see them and they certainly are good when their are in his view!! Every night he goes to sleep on the bookshelf but every morning he wakes up someplace else. One morning he was sitting on top of a candle in the kitchen, another day he was on the wing chair in the living room staring at the Christmas tree, one morning he was in the shelf in the girls bathroom holding their toothbrushes!!! We never know where we will find him and when we do we laugh and laugh.

On Saturday night we had a big Christmas party. I put the elf on his shelf and got on with the party. The girls were on the third floor with their favorite babysitter. They were having their own party upstairs while the adults were having one downstairs. Their treat for the night was that they were going to sleep in their sleeping bags in the guestroom. They were fast asleep long before the party downstairs ended. The next morning I was cleaning up from the party and noticed the Elf was missing. Had perhaps someone had a little too much fun the night before and thought it would be funny to hide my Elf or maybe even take him home? Ugghhhh I couldn't find him anywhere!! I searched and searched to no avail. Rich helped me as well and still nothing! I was perplexed. We had to go to a party so I decided I would worry about it later. When we got home the girls told me that the elf really is magic - he made it all the way up to the third floor and was on the bookshelf watching over them in their sleeping bags! I think my sweet babysitter might know how he got upstairs!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gingerbread House Party

On Sunday we attended a gingerbread house decorating party. The girls were so excited to go and the party did not disappoint. After putting on their cute gingerbread man aprons they got right to work on decorating their house together. They iced it with a little help from Dad and then went at it with all of their decorations. It took everything in my type A - controlling personality to just let them decorate it the way they wanted to with no help from me. The end result was an incredibly cute house that only two five year olds could create! They were very proud of their final masterpiece and it now sits front and center in our kitchen. They are loving every minute of the Christmas season!!

Hard at work!

Making sure the candies taste okay

Getting every piece on just right!


SSneaking a little taste!

The end result!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

This past weekend we attended Breakfast with Santa. The girls had so much fun. They decorated cookies, made ornaments , had their hands painted (they didn't want paint on their face when they saw Santa), listened to the Christmas music, played with their friends and last but certainly not least - talked to Santa! It was a perfect way to start December!

Kit hard at work!

Lucy sampling her creation!

Telling Santa everything on their list

So happy that Santa told them they have been good girls!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fancy Nancy

The girls were lucky enough to meet the author and illustrator of some of their favorite books ~ Fancy Nancy. Jane O' Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser came to school last week and talked to all of the students. Everyone got dressed up in their "fanciest" outfits for the big day. I wish I had pictures from school as many of the boys dressed up as well. They had on sport coats and ties, bow ties, hats and some had on feather boa belts. The girls had tiaras and boas, jewels and gloves. They all looked adorable!!

Fancy Lucy

Fancy Kit

My Fancy girls!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St. Nick

When I was growing up one of my favorite days was St. Nicholas Day. We would all come downstairs after waking up to find St. Nicholas had left us a little gift the night before. I think I was as excited for St. Nicholas Day as I was for Christmas. I have to say Lucy and Kit were excited for St. Nicholas day as well. On Monday night we set our shoes out by the front door. Lucy opted for her cowboy boots - I think perhaps there were ulterior motives:) Anyway when they woke up Tuesday morning they ran downstairs and found that St. Nick had stopped by the night before. They were so excited and so cute and talked about it all day. When they went to school they found out St. Nick came there as well and left them both a candy cane!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We had a fun weekend getting the house decorated for Christmas. The girls loved every minute of it. I brought everything up from the basement while they were at school on Friday. I unpacked everything and actually had some sense of order when we started to decorate. The ornaments were all unpacked and ready to be hung on the tree. Lucy and Kit wasted no time decorating the tree. We had to look at every ornament (and we have quite a few) and decide whose it was, where it came from and when we got it. Now that took some thinking and perhaps a little embellishing:) Lucy remembered every ornament she has ever received and she knew just who gave it to her. Kit loved finding all of the ornaments we bought in China. She also loved finding the "K" ornament and couldn't wait to find a special spot for it. Both girls each had two new ornaments to hang on the tree. Uncle "Joe Joe" gave them each one when he came to visit for Thanksgiving and I had bought them each one as well. They were so excited to hang their special new ornaments in the perfect spot. At one point I tried to explain that you try to hang some ornaments inside the tree - not just at the ends of the branches. Soon thereafter I found both girls lying on the ground under the tree hanging their ornaments! We also have a section at the very bottom of the tree that is FULL of ornaments. I left the ornaments just as they put them and smile whenever I see them! One of my favorite moments was when Lucy found an ornament that was from Grandma Wilma - she told me to hang it at the very top of the tree so Grandma could see it from heaven. I did just that!