Monday, July 25, 2011

Hilton Head ~ 2011

We just returned from our annual family vacation to Hilton Head. What a week it was!! I must say that it is our favorite trip of the year. The girls get to spend time with their cousins, their aunts and uncles and Mimi and Pa Pa. We love seeing everyone and we are all a bit sad when the week is over! We swam and swam, we spent hours at the beach, we played our bocci ball tournament, we went on a dolphin ride, we ate lots of good food and had enough treats to keep a smile on our face. We went crabbing at night, we played soccer on the beach after dinner, we looked for shells and we stayed up late! Every minute was filled with fun and family!! The girls were never lonely as someone was always ready to play with them. We all had a great time as usual and the best part of all was that Kit was with us this year!!!! We miss everyone already and we are looking forward to next year!!

We spent a few days in Savannah prior to

meeting everyone in Hilton Head
The girls loved the trolley ride!

Then off to the beach!

Kit loved every minute!

Lucy could not have had more fun!

Lucky us to have such great cousins!!!!

The girls could have swam all day!

Their favorite mode of transportation!

Nothing better than a walk on the beach with Grandpa!

Getting ready for our dolphin ride!

Look what we saw!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chasing Fireflies

It's that time off the year when our backyard is a glow with lots of little lightening bugs. Lucy loves them and just last week when we saw them for the first time she showed them to Kit and now she loves them as well. They aren't usually up late enough to get to see them but this weekend they stayed up a little late on Saturday so they could chase them around until their hearts were content. They squealed everytime they saw one and they chased them until they caught them. We didn't have a bug catcher so a Ziplock bag would have to do. After lots of running and a bag filled with little lights - they let them all go and waved good bye!! One more reason to love Summer!!!!

Look what Daddy caught!

We're going to get you!

Filling up the bag

Letting them go

Waving Good Bye!