Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best Patient

Kit recently fell down the front steps outside and had to make a trip to the E.R. There she had to get staples in her head where she hit it on the concrete. She cried when she fell down but there were no tears afterwards. Rich and I were able to take her to the E.R. while Lucy stayed home with Di and the girls. She was such a trooper - not a wimper out of her. They cleaned her head ad then put in the staples while she lie on my chest. When they were finished she looked up, smiled at the doctor and said, "Thank you!" The doctor told her he wished every patient was as good as she was.

We were told to put ointment on her head every day for a week until the staples came out. Lucy was very concerned about her and asked if she could help take care of her. I agreed that she could help me put the ointment on every day. Day one came and I told Lucy it was time to help. She told me to hold on a minute. She left the room and came back dressed in her Doctors uniform. Which she proceeded to wear for seven days in a row while we applied the ointment. She felt the need to wear the uniform when we went to the pediatricians office to have the staples removed. Everyone in the office referred to her as , Dr. Lucy! She was thrilled. The pediatrician even let her stand on a stool to "help" him remove the staples. Kit just smiled the entire time!!

Who is that coming toward me?

It's Dr. Lucy!

Quite the helper and quite the trooper!

My sweet patient!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This and That

Well Summer is finally here at least that is what the calendar says - our weather not so much! That's okay we have been finding lots to keep us busy. I love Summer as do the girls so we are making the most of it! School ended on June 6th and Lucy was so sad. She and Kit got to "fly up" to Jr. Kindergarten on June 5th and meet their teachers for next year. They loved meeting their teachers and seeing their new classroom. Lucy was dissappointed when I told her she doesn't go back to school until September. They did start camp this week and are back together with their school buddies - so Lucy is quite happy!

One of Lucy's favorite things to do is sit in the backyard and watch birds. She and Rich love to fill up the bird feeders and watch who flies up. Lucy decided we need a new birdfeeder so Kit can have one of her own to fill. The girls went with Rich to the nursery and picked out two new feeders and different kinds of birdfood. Our backyard is now filled with birds and Lucy is teaching Kit all the different varieties - well at least three - Cardinals (our favorite!), Robins and Finchs. She also showed her how to fill up the feeders.

A must is to wear your gardening gloves so your hands don't get dirty!

Kit doesn't care if her hands get dirty!

The girls and their favorite guy!!!

Here's to a fun Summer!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Visitors From The North

Well I guess you have to have visitors from the North to bring you a little hot weather and smiling faces!! We had just that this past week as our good friends from Minneapolis came for a visit. Ainsley, Sienna, Ruby and Miss Di arrived in style and filled our week with lots of fun, laughs and good times. It was the first time Kit met most of them and she couldn't get enough! We had two days that were in the high nineties and we enjoyed them at the beach. The girls ran around in the sand and in the water, they built sand castles, ate snacks and wore themselves out! We had fun at home with dolls and crafts and playing lots of school on the front porch with the help of Ainsley! The girls laughed and laughed and got along so well. They went to bed early and Diana and I stayed up late into the night. I guess I must have had too much fun to take many pictures - but Di took alot so I will get those later. Thank you Rouse girls for making the beginning of our Summer just perfect!!!! You are the best house guests and friends that anyone could ask for!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Little Gardener

Lucy loves to plant and garden as much as I do. She loves picking out the floweres, smelling the herbs and digging up potting soil. We have had a rotten Spring so our planting has just started. We have had a big project going on in our yard so we still have to wait another week or so before we can do our real plannting. This weekend we were able to do a few planters and Lucy filled her favorite window box with all kinds of herbs. She ligned the herbs up in just the right order so her window box would be perfectly symmetrical - like Mommy like daughter:) She actually did 4 planters all on her own with just a wee bit of assistance from me! Kit wasn't much into planting - but loves watering. I should have known that gardening might not be her thing when she brought home a paper from school during gardening week titled, "What would you plant?" the page contained all of the students names and what they would plant. The list included roses, tulips, apple trees, etc. Kit said she would plant, "Monkeys" Go figure!

Organizing her herbs!

Taking good care of her hard work!

Lucy's planters!

My Little Gardener!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Simple Pleasures!