Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great weekend and had so much fun celebrating Kit's first Easter with us! Just like I thought she loved every minute! We started with an Easter egg hunt at school on Saturday morning. We have had nothing but cold, rainy, dreary weather for the last three weeks. I am happy to say Saturday and Sunday were sunny and much warmer!

The girls couldn't wait for the Easter egg hunt. They were counting down the days all week!

Racing to the car to get to the hunt!

Right when we got there we ran into The Easter Bunny!

Let the hunt begin!

Lots of eggs and lots of smiles!

Later in the day we colored eggs! The girls thought it was so much fun. They made lots of pretty eggs and left them for The Easter Bunny to find!

We woke up early Sunday morning to find the Easter Bunny had made a visit the night before!

Searching for the baskets!

Looking through all of their Easter goodies!

Favorite basket items -a pink tape dispenser and little pots with herb seeds!

All dressed up and ready for Mass

After Mass we enjoyed a nice brunch with lots of good food! The girls had so much fun. They loved their balloon animals that they received. After we were finished brunch we went and visited the petting zoo. Kit was not too excited to enter the zoo but Lucy held her hand and showed her the way!

Not sure about all of those animals

Lucy loved it!

SStill a little unsure!

C'mon sweetie it will be okay!

(yes Lucy calls Kit sweetie!)

Kit loved the bunnies!

We had a wonderful Easter!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Little Ice Skaters

Today the girls finished their 16 weeks of ice skating. Normally I would not know the exact number of lessons we have for anything. The reason I know this is that after lesson number one Lucy told me she wasn't interested in going back to ice skating lessons. I explained that we had signed up for the lessons and we weren't going to quit. She needed to try again. That is when she asked me how many more lessons, I said 15 and she asked if that was a lot. I smiled and said no but knew it would seem like a lot if she didn't like them. After week two she was on board and both girls loved their winter activity! They improved quite a bit after 16 weeks and each came home with a badge and a certificate moving them up to the next level. We had fun watching them and they had fun skating! Excuse my blurry pictures I was taking them behind the plexi glass wall.

Proud Skaters

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Few More Vacation Pictures

Our last night of vacation

Lucy staged these two shots!

Do you think they are tired of smiling?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break ~ 2011

We just returned from a sunny and warm Spring break vacation. We had such a great time. It was Kit's first family vacation with us and she made it quite special! She and Lucy loved every minute at the beach, in the pool and just lounging around. I must admit I loved every minute as well! We were lucky enough to have Mimi and Grandpa join us at the beach. The girls loved their time together with their Grandparents. Mimi played lots of Go Fish and Grandpa had endless staring contests with them! They had a few dinner dates together (sans Mom and Dad) and we always ate breakfast together and spent the day at the beach with one another! We had perfect weather and loved every day we were away!
Kit's first day at the beach!

Lucy loving the beach as always!

Both girls loving having Daddy to themselves all week!

Always searching for the perfect seashells!

Playing every beach game!

Kit played a mean game of paddle!

I think their favorite part of the trip was spending time with two of their favorite people.....

Mimi and Grandpa!

Having a pizza party with Mimi and Grandpa!

Kit took to swimming like a little fish! I must say she is quite the natural. She dove (belly flopped) off of the side of the pool and would swim under water for what seemed like forever. After a couple of days Rich taught her how to come up for air:) Not bad for a little girl who had never been swimming before!Lucy loved swimming as well. She would swim all the way to one of us and kick as hard as she could! She was proud of herself as she worked really had to conquer her fear of swimming and succeeded with flying colors!! Both girls could have played in the pool all day! Needless to say they both slept well at night!

Fearless Kit!

Swimming on her own!

Just enjoying the water!
My two favorite beach girls!!!!

Everything about our trip was just perfect! From the weather to the food to the accommodations! Most importantly was the company we kept! We loved having Mimi and Grandpa spend a week with us. They made for the perfect travel companions and we loved having them with us! Needless to say Kit added something special to this family vacation. She is the perfect addition to our family for countless reasons! We are all so crazy about her and could not imagine our life without her. She is sweet and funny and oh so loving. She has come such a far way in just a few short months! I will have to say I have many things that could top my vacation list ~but if I have to pick my favorite thing that which brought a smile to my face everyday it would be watching Kit and Lucy play on the beach together, swim together for hours, lie on their beach chairs and share an afternoon snack and giggle away! Walk hand in hand collecting shells and each night after an event packed day kiss each other goodnight and give one another the biggest hug! I love that Kit is part of our family and no matter what we are doing be it vacationing away for a week or just hanging out at home with one another our sweet girl is right where she belongs!!!