Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Blues!

Happy Last Day of February!! We are hoping March brings warmer, sunny days! We are getting tired of snow, ice, grey skies and dreary days! Our Southern China girl likes nothing about this weather!! I keep promising her that she will love it here once Spring and Summer roll around! Until then I guess this is the look I will receive every morning when we go outside:)

Poor Kit!

Monday, February 21, 2011

America's Next Top Models?!!

For most of last week we enjoyed warmer weather and all of the snow in our yard melted!! One day we actually walked to the grocery store, we rode scooters around the block and we ran up and down the street! I must say it was a very nice reprieve from our long, cold, snowy winter. Well I guess all good things must come to an end! The past few days have been cold, snowy and dreary!!! Ughhh we are stuck back indoors and trying to make the best of it!! There was no school today so I asked the girls what they wanted to do. They asked if we could go to the library and then out to lunch at their favorite spot. I agreed and off we went. When we returned home the girls told me they had a surprise for me. They went to their playroom and returned all "dressed up" for their fashion show!! I must say Kit loves to strike a pose! They walked back and forth, spun around and gave me a bow at the end of their performance. For a cold snowy day we certainly had fun. Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying a nice holiday!

Having fun together - warm weather or not!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

We were busing getting ready for Valentine's Day! We strung necklaces for our teachers and babysitter. We made cookies and candy and we wrote out all of our cards!

When we woke up on Valentine's Day we were excited to find cards, new gardening gloves, stickers and heart shaped bowls at the breakfast table!

We made special Valentine's For Daddy/Baba!

We got lots of cards and treats at school! We also got to go to a cupcake decorating party!

Happy Valentine's Day ~ 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Snow Continues....

We woke up to more snow this morning and our snow blower is broken in the garage. Our sweet neighbor was nice enough to clear our sidewalk for us. No good deed should go unnoticed so Lucy insisted we make him a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

She and Kit got out all of the ingredients from the pantry (they didn't miss one thing)! and started to make their cookies!
They Sifted

They Stirred

They sifted some more

They added the chips

Until the bag was empty

They formed the cookies

And put them on the cookie sheets!

They licked their fingers when they were finished

And they even cleaned up!

They each got to try one right from the oven!

I can't wait to eat this!

Proud of their baking!
Then they put on their coats and brought the cookies to their buddy Tommy (they brought a dog treat for Lovey as well).

Not a bad way to spend a snowy day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well we survived the Blizzard of 2011! We had 19 inches of snow fall in our backyard. The storm was catagorized as a blizzard due to the high winds. Coming from Minneapolis we have certainly seen this much snow and more before and I am sure some of my friends and family (Kelly) from Minneapolis might think we are wimps for closing down the entire city. We enjoyed a day at home as school was cancelled. We ventured outside to play in the snow and the girls had so much fun. Well Lucy had so much fun and by the end of our snow time Kit was starting to enjoy it. Lucy jumped in every snow pile, climbed every snow hill and ran down the street to retrieve Lovey (her Dog friend) to come out and play! Our street looked like a winter wonderland. I must admit it was quite pretty and peaceful! Let's hope that is our last blizzard of the year though and spring is around the corner!!!

This is what we woke up to!

A girl and her dog!

Loving every minute in the snow!

Not loving every minute in the snow!

How do I get out of this place?!

Don't worry Kit - you will love the summer here!

Coming around!

If you can't beat them ~ join them

My Snow Bunny!

The End!