Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home For Two Months

It is hard to believe that it has only been two months since we have been home with Kit! Lots has happened in two months. We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. That in itself seems like alot. Kit met her extended family over the holidays and as we knew would happen she was welcomed with open arms and open hearts! She has more cousins and Aunts and Uncles who love her than a girl could ever imagine!

She joined Lucy at school and seems to love it! As we pull into the carpool line she almost always yells, "Yea school!" She blows me a kiss everytime she walks into school and every time it puts a smile on my face!

She started ballet lessons and Ice Skating lessons! She loves ballet but the jury is still out on ice skating:) Perhaps it is because it is a cold weather sport and our Southern China girl does NOT like the cold. Which she reminds me of every time we walk outside! The minute I open the door in the morning she yells COOOOOLD in a deep dark voice. Hopefully she will learn to like the cold weather a little bit more.
She LOVES to eat and she must say "I hungry" a hundred times a day! We haven't found much that she doesn't like. She eats like an adult - and a hungry adult at that! She isn't much for treats but loves every vegetable, meat, soup, fruit or fish that you put in front of her. Sometimes when we finish dinner I wonder how such a little peanut can eat so much food. She wins the clean plate award every day. There is never a morsel left on her plate or in her bowl.

She is picking up the English language and I am always amazed and what new phrase comes out of her mouth. I would not say she has conversational English yet - but she can tell you what she wants and she seems to understand everything we say to her. The other night when she finished dinner. She said, "I finished may I please be excused?" And then gave me a big smile!! She is certainly working on her manners. She always says please and she says thank you for every single thing.

Each morning when I lay an outfit on her bed she picks it up, smiles, asks if it's Kit's and when I say yes she always says, "Thank you Mama I love you". She loves anything that is hers and she has a hard time parting with it or sharing it. We are working on that but we are cutting her a little slack as I am sure she never had much that was just hers! She is working on sharing and I know it will come in time.

She always wakes up happy and loves to come into bed and snuggle with me. She says, "Good Morning Mama" and always gives me a kiss on my cheek. She is a good sleeper and never fights taking a nap or going to bed. She is an early riser - too early so we are trying to work on that.

She loves to talk on the phone and makes calls almost everyday. She loves calling Mimi and talking to her. She calls her cousins and carries on long conversations -mostly in Chinese but they all get a kick out of hearing her.

She loves any art project and is a very good drawer. She draws pictures of our family almost every day. She knows the alphabet and can count higher than I expected. She can spell her name as well as Lucy's. Whenever she sees the letter K, L, B or R she will say, "K for Kit, L for Lucy, B for Mama, and R for Daddy. She has made a lot of progress in a short time! We are so proud of her and love watching her learn new things! She is proud of her accomplishments and loves to be praised.

Every day I look at Kit I am still amazed that just a few short months ago she was living in an orphanage in China. She was half way around the world and we didn't know her. I am convinced that she was loved and taken well care of. It is evidenced by the way she treats others and the way she seems to love us. She loves to be held, and hugged and kissed. She is quick with a smile and she has a funny personality! She has a sparkle in her eye that puts a smile on my face every single day! There are times when she is sad and it is still hard to figure out what is wrong. Sometimes she is set off by funny things and gets upset. But we are all starting to figure each other out. Most things are fixed with a hug or a kiss!
I can't imagine our life without Kit! I really can't beieve we have only known her for 10 weeks. She feels like she has been part of our family forever! I love being her Mom. I love watching her with Rich who she is crazy about. She screams every night he comes home from work and runs to the door and welcomes him home with a kiss and a hug! I love seeing her with Lucy. The bond they already share is quite special. I think there is nothing sweeter than watching them play together, walk into school hand in hand, belly laugh together at the silliest things, make "recipes" in the kitchen while I cook dinner, play in the bathtub, read books together, speak to each other in "Chinese", play dress up and do all of their art projects together!
Every night when they go to bed they give each other a hug and kiss. Lucy sqeezes Kit's cheeks and says "Good night Sweetie" and Kit retreats to her room. After they are both tucked in I walk down the steps and the next thing I hear is music to my ears. From Lucy's room I hear "I love you Kit". From Kit's room I hear "I lucy you Lucy" and then just about when I hit the bottom step I hear Lucy say "I love you more!"
I love them both more than they will ever know!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Little Ballerinas

Lucy has been taking ballet for some time now and she just loves it. Not long after we got home from China I took Kit to her lesson with me. Kit was not going to have Lucy taking ballet while she was sitting in the hallway watching from the door. Lucy's teacher was nice enough to allow Kit to join the class - so join the class she did. Due to the holidays she only took a few classes but was able to enroll in the recital class that starts next week. Today was the last class of the current session and I had the pleasure of being invited in and watching what the girls had learned. Kit did great for being a beginner - although I must say Lucy has been training her on the side in our back hallway! I love watching the girls do anything together!! Watching them today was so sweet. I think their teacher Miss Wendy might be a little easier on Kit than her teacher at home - "Miss Lucy"!

Watch me Kit - this is first position!

Kit is clearly a good listener!

The Teacher!

Mastering another move!

When the girls finished today they curtsied and thanked all of their Moms for coming to watch them. Kit then looked at me with a wink and a smile. She ran over and said, "Thank you for ballet Mama - I love you!!!" And to think we only met nine weeks ago!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's nothing better than an........

Easy Bake Oven!!

At least that's what Lucy and Kit think! Lucy loves to help in the kitchen so she couldn't wait to open the Easy Bake Oven. We planned to play with it on Saturday and the day got away. When Lucy went to bed on Saturday night she asked if we could pleasssse play with it on Sunday. I told her that if she was good at Mass we could play with it on Sunday - yes I sometimes resort to bribery:) She kept smiling at me during Mass and asked if she was being good. She was very good so out came the oven.

Lucy decided she would stir the batter and Kit could put it into the pan. Lucy stirred and stirred and Kit waited patiently for her job!

Once the cake was in the oven Kit could do nothing but stare at it in amazement! Who knew a lightbulb could bake a cake?!

Lucy on the other handed waited rather impatiently for the finished product to come out of the oven!

12 minutes is sooooooooooo long

Lucy opted to stop watching the oven and lick the batter bowl!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bowling Fun!

Well we are finally getting back on schedule and back in our routine - which makes me happy! I am on my New Years getting organized kick and getting lots done! We will see how long that continues - hopefully for awhile because I have lots to organize!

While we were in St. Louis the girls loved doing things with all of their cousins. When we got home I asked them what their favorite activity was and they both agreed it was the day we took all of the kids bowling. It was so much fun and both Lucy and Kit were never without a cousin helping them try to get a strike! The best part for Kit was that she got a treat at the end of the game! She shared french fries with all of the big girls and enjoyed her first smoothie! What more could a girl want:)

Sean being the patient helper

Lucy hoping to knock down all of the pins

A new way to roll the ball

Sweet Clare always helping the girls!

Lucy and Conor together again!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

We just returned from our long Christmas trip to St. Louis. We all had a great time visiting family and friends. Kit seemed to love her first Christmas and needless to say we loved sharing it with her. She got to meet all of her aunts and uncles and all of her cousins. There were alot of people who were anxiously awaiting her arrival and she was thrilled to meet them all. What I thought might be a bit overwhelming did not seem to phase her a bit. She was hugged and kissed more times than I can count and she seemed to love all of the attention! Both she and Lucy loved seeing everyone and enjoyed their time away!

Christmas Eve

We couldn't get Kit away from the appetizer table!
We spent the night with Mimi and Papa and Santa had no trouble finding us there (Lucy was a bit concerned about that). The girls were so excited when they saw that Santa had found them and left them gifts to open. Every time Kit opened a gift she would look at me and say, "Mine?" I would reply, "yes" and she would get a huge grin on her face!! After the gift was opened she would put it in her little pile, look at me, smile and say mine! It was so fun watching her celebrate her first Christmas with us!! It is hard to believe that we have only been home 6 weeks! She seems like she has been part of our family forever!

Kit LOVED her Kazoo!!

As did Lucy!

They bothed loved playing their harmonicas!

After all of the gifts were opened we went over to Aunt Molly's for breakfast with her family- we all had a great time. We then came back to Mimi and Papa's house to get ready for the big family party!

We love Mimi and Papa

Kit was amazed all day!

We had a wonderful holiday!!! We enjoyed every minute with the girls and were truly thankful that Kit was with us this year!!! We look forward to the new year and all it has to offer!!!
Happy New Year to everyone!!!