Sunday, December 19, 2010

School Christmas Program

We have had lots going on around here. Kit actually started school last week and is in Lucy's class. We were going to wait and have her start some time this winter but she was sad every time Lucy went to school without her. She was going to school in China 5 days a week and after visiting Lucy's classroom and meeting all of the teachers and kids - she was ready to go. She squeals everytime we pull up to school - so I think we made the right decision!

The girls had their Christmas program this week and it was so cute. (My pictures are pretty bad - due to the woman standing up in front of me the entire program as well as I was on the far side of the show) Oh well I will share them anyway. The girl's class sang 4 songs by themselves and then they sang with the two grades above them. Kit knew all of the words to "Jingle Bells" and sang almost as loud as Lucy. They also sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" along with hand motions for all of the words. Lucy helped Kit practice the hand motions and she did them all quite well during the performance.

Lucy singing her heart out!
The well rehearsed hand motions

The cutest rendition of Jingle Bells I have ever seen!

Way to go Kit!

I love this picture. Look at everyone's expression or lack there of and then there is Lucy!

During the last song that all of the kids were singing as a group - one little girl went up to the microphone and starting singing an unplanned "solo" I watched Lucy's face and couldn't help but laugh. I knew she was upset that someone was not following the "planned" rules of the show! She pointed this out to me later at lunch! Looks like Kit may have felt the same way:) My rule following girls!

Hey that's not part of the show!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas time is certainly here. We have the tree up, the house decorated, Christmas music playing, gingerbread houses made and of course a visit to see Santa. The girls were so excited to see Santa this past weekend. Lucy had so many questions and Kit just kept saying, "Santa Claus, Santa Claus". Lucy had her list all ready and was going to do everything she was suppossed to do when visiting Santa. Kit on the other hand was all about playing with Santa's hat and trying to make him laugh. She was successful!

She made Lucy laugh as well! When the girls got ready to go sit with Santa he called them each by name and Lucy's eyes were as big as saucers! She yelled, "He really does know who we are!" Earlier in the week she posed the following question to me, "If there are two girls living in one house and one girl is naughty and one girl is nice will Santa still come to visit?" This was just after Kit had gotten into a bit of trouble! I assured her Santa would come to visit both she and Kit!

Hope you are all enoying the holiday Season!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Day!

We had the first snow of the year today. When Kit looked out the window this morning she yelled, "Wow!" I am pretty certain that this is the first time she has seen snow. She is not crazy about the cold weather - just like her Mom and she was a bit unsure at first but jumped right in with Lucy. She made snow angels, got pulled around the yard in the sled and tried to make a snowman. Lucy and Kit both had a fun morning in the snow!

Daddy was nice enough to pull the girls around the yard in the sled countless times. They laughed out loud and enjoyed the ride!

Happy Winter!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well it has been awhile hasn't it?! I am happy to report that we are enjoying being home and Kit is doing quite well transitioning to her new life in Chicago! A little re-cap since I last posted. The trip home is something I am happy to say is behind me and the unpleasant details can be left to your imagination:) Like all bad things once they are over you tend to forget about them! When we got home Rich welcomed us at the airport. No festivities at O'Hare as all we wanted to do was get home- we had spent enough time in airports! When we got to our house we were pleasantly surprised (shocked) when we opened the door. My sister Ann, sister-in-law Cathy and their girls all drove up from St. Louis to surprise us!! The house was covered in welcome home signs from Lucy and Kit's cousins. Our guests were a site for sore eyes and what they brought for dinner was nothing short of mouth watering!! They brought us all of our St. Louis favorites, multiple Imo's pizzas, Farotto's toasted Ravioli, salad with provel cheese, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and just what I needed after traveling for 26 hours - cold wine!!! Kit took to all of her cousins and aunts and spent the evening playing with them!

We were wiped out all last week!! We were all so tired and spent the majority of the week catching up on our sleep! We were lucky enough to have my Mom (Mimi) come and stay with us until today!! As always she was a great help and was quite loved by Lucy and Kit! It took Kit a few days to get used to sleeping in a room by herself every night she woke up sad and a bit scared. after a back rub and some hugs and kisses she went back to sleep. The past three nights she has slept through the night. When she wakes up she finds her way to the kitchen and says - "Good Morning" then hugs and kisses me!! Her favorite breakfast food is grape tomatoes!! She can't get enough of tomatoes or spinich.

It is fun to watch her facination with all things new. She could have spent hours opening and closing the trash can with the foot pedal. She says please and thank you for everything! Every morning when I get an outfit out for her, She says"Oh Thank you Mama" and then proudly dresses herself.

She loves to eat with her chopsticks and she has taught her competitive sister the correct way to use them. Lucy is getting quite good with them as well. The other day I came in the kitchen and realized Kit had found a new use for silly bands she put ponytails all over her head as well as Lucy's! The girls continue to get along. They have their moments but they are both working hard at their new adjustment of living together all day, everyday. Lucy still let's "the Guest" go first. They are fun to watch together! Lucy has gone back to school and Kit calls her name all morning when she is gone! She misses Lucy but I think enjoys a little of her own time with me!!

We had a nice Thanksgiving! We did the whole turkey dinner and Kit ate it all!! It was the smallest holiday gathering I have ever had - but we enjoyed it all. Needless to say we had much to be thankful for!!! It was a real bonus having Mimi spend the day with us!

Now I am just trying to get caught up and start thinking about Christmas!! Is it really only 23 days away?! Now that I am rested I will catch up with everyone and check in on what is going with you all! Hope all is well!