Friday, September 24, 2010

Show and Tell

All week Lucy kept asking me what day it was. She wanted to know if it was Friday yet. I explained no and asked why. She told me that Friday is Show and Tell day at school and she couldn't wait to bring Kit's picture! She was going to tell all of the kids about her new sister! Friday came and she put Kit's picture in her backpack. Her teachers are so sweet they said Lucy had a surprise to share and then Lucy showed Kit's picture and explained she was going to be a sister. Her teachers told me that she told the class Kit's Chinese name as well as her new name! When I picked her up her teachers gave me the following pictures. It was fun to actually get to "see" Lucy at school.

Proud Sister!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little Care Package

I recently learned of a sweet woman in China named Ann. Ann offers a service to those who are adopting children from China. She puts together a care package for you with special items that you select and delivers it to your child. She has so many nice things to choose from. Last week I contacted her and put together a care package for our sweet Kit. I let Lucy help me pick out the items that we were going to send. We picked a doll, a soft little blanket, 2 disposable cameras hoping that the orphanage will take pictures for us and we can develop them after we meet Kit, a silk bag that has her picture and a name tag on it so she can bring home all of her keepsakes when she comes with us, a photo album with pictures of Rich, Lucy and I along with descriptions of who we are. Lucy picked out a special jade necklace in the shape of a heart with the Chinese symbol for "Love". She told me that she thought Kit would love it! Needless to say I ordered the necklace. We also were able to write her two letters - one from Rich and I and one from Lucy! Ann translated the letters so that they could be read to Kit. In addition we sent a "belated" birthday cake as we were unable to be with her on her fourth birthday in August. We also sent along a list of questions hoping that we could find out more about our little girl.

I was so happy and excited when I opened my e-mail this morning and received updated pictures of Kit eating the birthday cake with four candles on it that we sent!!! I was especially happy when I saw that she was wearing the little jade necklace that Lucy picked out especially for her!!

In addition we received more information about Kit!
.We learned that she loves to play with puzzles and toys and to dance with her friends
.She goes to school and loves it. She She likes to play games and to dance with her teachers and friends - this makes her very happy!
. She loves to be hugged (this makes me happy)
. She naps and is a good eater!!! Just like her sister Lucy!
. Her favorite colors are pink, green and yellow!!! Just like her Mom's favorite colors! I think she is going to love her new bedroom - pink and green!!

I hope she knows how much she is loved already. We are still waiting on our Travel Approval. After seeing her pictures today I wish we could just get on a plane tomorrow and bring our sweet girl home! Know that we love you and can't wait to meet you Kit!!!! Until then we are constantly keeping you in our thoughts and prayers knowing that God is watching over you until we can bring you home!!

Kit's Care Package!

Her Special Necklace!

Here she is with her birthday cake!
Happy belated Birthday Kit!!!!

I hope you made a special wish!

Hoping all of your wishes come true Kit!!!
I know mine will once I hold you in my arms!

Looks like you enjoyed your cake!

Sweet Kit!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wishes Really Do Come True!

There are two things Lucy loves - purses and fountains! She always carries a purse and in her purse you will always find a stack of pennies. Whenever we see a fountain she gets so excited! It is the same thing everytime. She runs up to the fountain as fast as she can. She then.....

Checks her purse for pennies

Pulls out 3 pennies (it is always 3!)

She makes her first wish which is always a wish for Me
(she never tells me what it is:)

Then her second wish which is always a wish for Daddy
(she never tells me this one either)

Her third wish is always the same

She closes her eyes, throws her penny as hard as she can and she always wishes for
"Her Sister"

Well I am thrilled to say that Lucy's wish as well as ours has come true!!!!
She is going to be a Sister!!!!!!
Her Beautiful Sister is waiting for us in China!!! She just turned 4 years old on August 17th! She is three weeks older than Lucy! We have received Our Letter Of Acceptance from China and are now just waiting on our Travel Approval! We hope to bring our sweet girl home before the end of the year!
Let me introduce you to the soon to be newest member of our family

Here she is!

Bao Xi Zheng
Born August 17, 2006

Soon to be Kathleen Barry
We will be calling her "Kit"
We are thrilled beyond belief! Now we just want to hurry to China and bring our sweet girl home so she can be part of her Forever Family! I guess sometimes wishes really do come true!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Well guess who turned four? Yesterday our sweet girl celebrated her fourth birthday! It is hard for me to believe that our little girl is four. Lucy was so excited for her birthday. She was counting down the days until her big day! She was so lucky to have so many people here to celebrate with her. Maggie, Molly , Conor and Rory stayed through Sunday. We celebrated with them on Sunday afternoon with pink and chocolate cupcakes. In addition we were lucky enough to have Mimi and Grandpa here for the celebrations! We went to The Botanic Garden in the afternoon and it was a perfect day! We walked around and saw all of the pretty flowers as well as the miniature train display. Lucy seemed to enjoy herself and she kept saying Happy 4th Birthday to Lucy! We enjoyed a nice dinner and then it was time for cake and ice cream. Lucy had two requests for dessert - 1. Her cake had to be pink and orange. 2. Her buddy Lovey (the dog) had to come to her party. Both requests were granted.

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Lucy! You have had a busy year filled with lots of changes. As always you went along with everything just fine. You have turned into quite the little girl! You are funny and silly. You are sweet and kind. You share anything and everything that you have with whoever is around. You make sure that everyone is included and that everyone gets the same thing. You love any arts and crafts project that you can get your hands on. You could paint, color, glue, cut paper, tie ribbons or put stickers on anything all day. You are quite independent and like to keep busy with your projects. You are a great helper. You love to help me cook dinner and work in the kitchen. You always set the table and you always say Grace at dinner. You love helping with the laundry. You really like folding laundry - especially towels, napkins and place mats! You are the best folder I have ever seen!!! You love to snuggle. You love to read books any time of the day. You love to talk and I must say you talk all day. You are quite inquisitive. You ask good questions and your mind is always busy thinking! There is never a dull day when Miss Lucy is close by. You are social and outgoing. You say hi to all the neighbors and whenever you meet someone for the first time you shake their hand and say, "nice to meet you". You love to play "grocery store"and "restaurant". When we play restaurant and you are the waitress and take my order you always laugh and tell me we are out of whatever it is I want that day. When we play "grocery store" you always ask if I want paper or plastic and do I want my receipt in the bag. No matter what I buy you always say, "That will be $20 ma'am". I laugh every time!

I could go on and on as there are so many things you do that bring a smile to my face! I couldn't imagine our life without you! You are a true joy and a blessing to us each and every day. You melt my heart every time you tell me that I am the best Mommy in the whole wide world (you always whisper it in my ear and then give me a big hug). You brighten up a room just by being in it! Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the whole wide world! We love you to the moon and back sweet Lucy!!!!!
Have a great year being four!!!!!!

I'm so excited to be four!!!!!!!!

I love Mimi and Grandpa!

It wouldn't be a party without Lovey!

The Happiest Four Year Old!!!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Seems Like Old Times

Although we have become quite settled in our new home and new city we always feel like there is a little something missing. Until this week that is! This week we had the pleasure of having Molly and Conor stay with us for the week. They don't start school until Tuesday so their last week of summer vacation they spent with us! It was just like old times - Lucy was back together with her cousins Molly and Conor! They laughed, they played, they played jokes on one another, they watched movies, played Wii, stayed up late, had treats, played Candy Land, Go Fish and Zingo,they went to the beach, went on walks, rode scooters and just hung out together! Lucy didn't want much to do with me as she was in heaven being with two of her favorite people!!! I loved seeing them together again! Every time I heard them belly laugh it brought a smile to my face. Rory and "Gigi" came on Friday and our week was complete! They just left today and we miss them already!

Thanks for your visit guys- We miss you and love you!!!!

ps - thanks for celebrating my birthday a little early with me!!!

Miss Molly


So Happy!

Back together again!

Watching Movies!

We live close to the church that was in the movie, "Home Alone"

Lucy and Conor in front of the "Home Alone Church"

Sweet Rory

I love you Gigi!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day Of School

Here she is on her first day of school!!! I am happy to report that Lucy LOVES preschool!!!! We went to open house last week to drop off her school supplies, see her classroom and meet her teachers. When we pulled into the parking lot she told me that I could stay in the car! What a difference a year makes. Last year when she started school she would stand at the classroom window crying big crocodile tears and wave good bye to me (this only lasted a couple of weeks) but broke my heart none the less. This year she wants to be dropped off in the car pool line and stay every day for lunch bunch! So glad she is loving school!

First Day of School