Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can It Really Be?

Is school really starting next week? Is this the unofficial end of summer? Say it isn't so! I am one of those people who LOVES Summer!! I love everything about it! I love the warm weather (even the hot weather), I love to eat dinner outside, I love to go to the pool and to the beach, I love the green grass and the pretty flowers. I love taking walks at night, I love catching lightening bugs with Lucy. I love going out for ice cream, I love that it stays light late, I love hearing the crickets at night. I love that you see your neighbors out and about. I love that people seem to be in a good mood in the Summer. I love that things are at a slower pace. I love that Lucy stays up a little later and sleeps in a little longer. I could go on and on but I don't want to sound like a Hallmark card.

Lucy was quite the trooper all winter living in hotels and apartments. She didn't have any buddies to play with, it was quite cold and most everything we own was in storage and I was probably a wee bit crabby (I realize these are not by any means the worst things in the world). It just didn't make for a very fun winter or spring. When Summer came around I decided that we were going to have a fun Summer and try to enjoy it all!! We had just moved into our house and I decided to let the house go (other than unpacking and putting things away) and start my home projects once Summer was over. For anyone who knows me this was not an easy task. So I have lived with the ugly wallpaper borders in our entry way (although I have peeled away at them a few times), I have not ripped up the runner on the stairway, I have left up the not so pretty window treatments and very unattractive light fixtures and I don't even care because I would like to report that I have had one of the best Summers ever!

I loved every minute that I spent with Lucy! We had lazy days at the beach, we walked to the park and we swam at the pool. We collected rocks and shells and pine cones and anything else she could get her hands on. We did art projects for hours on end. We filled the bird feeder over and over we loved watching the birds get their food. We chased the birds on the beach and the chipmunks in the yard. We watered our herb garden that we planted and I loved watching Lucy pick all the herbs and bring them in for dinner. We ate dinner outside and we played in the yard. We spent time with old friends and we have made some new friends. We were lucky enough to go on two beach trips and spend time with family and friends. Two times in the past week Lucy fell asleep at the dinner table and didn't wake up until the next day (I did put her in her bed) she was worn out from just having fun. I think that is the end to a perfect Summer day. Spending this week with Lucy was the perfect ending to a great Summer!

ps - don't worry I am not throwing in the towel yet I am going to enjoy the rest of Summer until it "officially ends!"

Enjoying swimming lessons
Running through the sprinkler

Going to camp for 6 weeks and making new friends

Spending lazy days at the beach

Seeing old friends

Eating some of our favorite summer foods

Hanging out with Lovey
(yes he comes to our house in the morning and hangs out in our kitchen)

Playing with Daddy in the backyard

Spending lots of time with Mom!

Summer 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Every Saturday morning Lucy and her Dad go out together. They leave me at home alone! They do various things. They go out for coffee and a donut (Lucy gets the donut), they go to the hardware store, the car wash, the farmer's market, the bookstore, the nursery or anywhere else that they can think of. Whatever they do and wherever they go they both always have a great time. I always love when they come home because I get to hear all about their adventures. A few weeks ago they went out together and came home with a surprise! They went to the pet store and came home with an aquarium and a new fish. Lucy was so excited and she told me that she picked everything out. No surprise when I saw what was in the bag. She picked out rainbow colored gravel, a big pink flower, a pink plant a few green plants and a new (pink) fish that she named Lily! Which is no surprise as she names everything Lily and pink is her favorite color! I told her that was a pretty big aquarium for 1 fish ( I would have just bought her a fish bowl)- but not Daddy he got the big aquarium. She told me not to worry as they were going back to get more fish once Lily felt settled in! Well I guess Lily feels settled because they went back last week and got 3 more fish. Lucy affectionately refers to her new fish as Rich, Bridget and Lucy - sound familiar?! She loves watching them, feeding them and talking to them. She cracks up every time we feed them and "Rich" eats all of the food. She laughs and says Rich eats all the food just like Daddy! Daddy doesn't think that is as funny as I do:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look What Lucy Got!

Lucy has been asking me and asking me to go to the library. It seems we have been so busy with activities or travels that we hadn't quite made it there. So I finally brought her to the library and she got her very own library card! If you can spell your name you can get your own card. She was quite pleased and put it in her purse right away for safekeeping. We then went upstairs and hung out in the Children's section all morning. She picked out soooo many books. I told her we had to narrow it down a bit as we could always come back for more. Once we got down to 5 books we went downstairs to check out.Lucy talked the ear off of the woman who was working. She then asked her how many books we are allowed to check out (I told her 5). The woman told her the limit was 60!! Seriously who checks out 60 books?! Lucy's eyes got quite big. I told her we check out 5 at a time. She then said, "The lady said 60" I told her no one checks out 60 books. She said, "Mimi does!" Which is hilarious if you knew her Mimi. Anyway I have a feeling we will be back at the library before the end of the week - which is fine by me!