Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lunch At The Beach

Today we enjoyed a beautiful, warm, sunny day! We had errands to run this morning. While we were driving home Lucy told me that she wanted to do something fun. I asked what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to have a picnic at the beach. When we got home Lucy ran down to the basement and found our little lunch bag/cooler. She brought it upstairs and proceeded to pack our lunches - of course she included a few treats! She then found her bucket and shovel and said she was ready to go. I found a blanket and we walked to the beach! It was a perfect day with my sweet girl!!!

Enjoying our picnic lunch

Just watching the water!

Making some phone calls!

Enjoying one of her favorite activities!!!!

She spots some birds!

We found lots of rocks!

Burying her feet in the sand!

A Perfect Day!!!!

A Day At The Gardens

Last week we took a day off from putting things away and spent the day at The Botanic Gardens! Everything was so pretty - it finally made it feel like spring! We looked at everything and Lucy smelled every flower! She ran and ran until she was tired out! We ended the day with lunch outside - I think that may have been Lucy's favorite part of the day!

And she's off......

Smelling every flower she can find!

Where to now?

Making a wish at the fountain

I've had enough of the flowers can we go eat lunch?

Running to lunch!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After three months of living as nomads we are finally in our new house and feeling right at home! The movers came last Wednesday and Thursday and the unpacking began thereafter! I have been unpacking, organizing, moving things around and trying to get settled. Almost every box is unpacked and things are in place. The painters start tomorrow so things will be coming together after that! Lucy loves being in her new house and I must say she was nothing but a trooper the last few months! We are in the process of getting her big girl room put together and it is looking quite cute! She loves all of her new hiding spots in the house. She has met some of the neighbors and if she has it her way she will know everyone in the neighborhood by the end of the month! She is quite the social butterfly and says hi to everyone she sees! It is definitely starting to feel like home around here! So glad to be in our house together again!!!

The following pictures are a brief re-cap of our last three months!

Lucy and Conor enjoying our last day in Minneapolis!
Lucy insisted on a "ride" in the moving truck
(the things we do for love:)

Enjoying the Chicago snow!

Mastering her scooter!

Loving Legos!!!!

Having fun with a puzzle!


"After" with her new sassy haircut!

Learning to bake cookies with a real pastry chef!

Enjoying a carousel ride!

Look what The Easter Bunny brought!

Enjoying Easter With Dad!

I'm so happy because we are finally moving to......

Our New House!

I'm happy to be Home, Sweet, Home!!!!!!