Friday, March 19, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Last night we went out to dinner. While we were eating we noticed a photo on the wall at the restaurant. I told Lucy that it was a picture of where Daddy and I went on our honeymoon. She then asked me what a honeymoon was. I explained that it is a trip you take after your wedding. She asked me if she was going to have a wedding when she was older. I told her that she probably will. She has to meet a nice man who she will want to marry and spend the rest of her life with~ and then she will have a wedding and a honeymoon. She then said, " I already have the nicest man in the whole world - it's him right there" and she pointed to her Dad! I thought it was so sweet (so did her Dad)! I hope she always thinks he's the nicest man in the world - I know I do!!!!

Lucy and her perfect man!!!
(old photo as I have no memory left on my laptop to download new pictures! My desktop is in storage along with most everything else we own:) 33 more days (who's counting) and we will be back in a house and back on schedule:)