Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just waiting for spring!

I am always happy on the last day of February as I know that we are that much closer to Spring! For some reason this seems like it has been one of the longest winters ever! This last week of Februaury we had two snow storms and lots of cold and gloomy days. The brightspot is that we are staying with my sister Nora for a few weeks! Lucy is in heaven! She has 5 cousins to play with, more toys and games than she has ever seen and Aunt Nora has a pantry full of goodies!! I think Lucy spends half of her day in the pantry deciding what her next treat will be! She will have withdrawls once we leave! Nora and her family just recently found out that they are moving to Atlanta. Right when we got here and thought we would have family in town - they got transferred! Oh well we are enjoying their last few weeks here!!

We did get a house but unfortunatly cannot move in until Mid-late April! So after Nora leaves we will be moving back to "The Hotel" until we close on the house. Oh well we will be settled one of these days!!!! Hope everyone is well!!!

If it can't be Spring at least I can dream about it!!! Wish I were enjoying a cold drink in the sun! Until then I will just look at Lucy enjoying one!

Ahhhhh !!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love ~Lucy

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!! A little over two weeks and we are trying to get settled in Chicago. We think we have found a house but can't close until mid to late April. Oh well not much we can do about that. Until then we have enjoyed time in a furnished apartment that Lucy refers to as "The Hotel". She loves to ride her scooter up and down the hallway. Which I don't mind as it is flat and carpeted- not much room for injuries. She loves to press the buttons on the elevator, she loves to use the key fob to open the front door. She knows all of the people who work at the Starbucks that is right below us. We are surrounded by shops and restaurants - which leads Lucy to ask every day where we are eating out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Wait until we get back into a house and we are not dining out as often. It has been a bit of an adjustment and we are looking forward to getting into a house and being settled again. Lucy keeps asking where certain things are - before I can answer her she says, "Oh I forgot the movers packed it". It will be nice to have our belongings out of storage and in a house. Until then we will enjoy our new surroundings. Hope all's well with everyone!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!!!