Friday, January 29, 2010

So Long To Minneapolis

After preparing ourselves for seven months we are actually moving today! The house has sold, the boxes have been packed and the truck is loaded and on its way. We will all be living together under one roof. (Not our roof as we have yet to find a house but one roof none the less). It is a bittersweet move as we have come to love Minneapolis. We have met so many nice people and have made lifelong friends. We loved our neighborhood and we especially loved our home. It will be hard to leave as this is where we brought Lucy home for the very first time. It is the home where I waited patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for the arrival of my sweet girl. I remember every detail of getting her room ready, filling her closet, putting up her crib,receiving her referral and just dreaming about her sleeping in the room next to us! Well our house has been full of nothing but love and happiness since the day Lucy came home! We had parties and celebrations, family and friends. Neighbor kids ran in and out. We celebrated birthdays and holidays - and sometimes just plain Lucy days. My sister pointed out that we lived in a happy house which I must say is true. So instead of being sad about leaving our house I am happy remembering all of the great things that went on in it and the fond memories that I will take with me.

The part that isn't so easy is leaving my sister and her family who live just a mile away. They were our extended little family who we couldn't have lived without! They made our time in Minneapolis better than we could have ever imagined!!!! We will miss living within walking distance but know we will see them often. So I am posting my favorite pictures of Minneapolis...

Our Time with The Keadys!

They were waiting for us at the airport when we came home from China

With open arms and open hearts!

Lucy fell in love with them the first day they met!

We had sleepovers

Beach Vacations

And just a lot of fun!

We celebrated all of our holidays & celebrations together

Lucy was never lacking for a hug or a kiss!

Molly and Conor were always patient with Lulu

We did so much together!

Lucy was thrilled when Rory came along and she could be the older cousin!

Lucy loves her Molly and "Donnor"

To our favorite blue eyed family we will miss you like crazy!!!!

Especially your brown eyed girl!!!!!
We Love You
(oh yeah and miss you already)!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Star Of The Week

This week at school Lucy and her buddy Vie Vie were the Stars Of The Week! They have their pictures posted on the bulletin board right when you come into school. Since Lucy was star of the week I got to read a book to her class and have lunch with her. I told her I would bring her a special lunch and she could pick whatever she wanted. She thought for a moment and then told me, "I want cashew chicken salad from Kowalskis". That's my girl! She had a fun week at school being in the spotlight. I must say she's my star of the week every week! Love you sweet Lucy!

Two "buddies" fighting for the camera

I don't want my picture taken!

Buddies again!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Morning At "The Boo Boo"

For Christmas Lucy's Uncle Joe gave her a gift card (which she calls her credit card:) to Caribou Coffee. Whenever Uncle Joe Joe comes to town for a visit he always spends alot of time at Caribou ~which he and Lucy affectionatly refer to as "The Boo Boo". Lucy's credit card has been burning a hole in her pocket since she received it. Everyday she asks me if we are going to the boo boo. Today I FINALLY took her to Caribou so she could get a hot chocolate. When we got to the counter she placed her order for her hot chocolate and then told me I could order one too and she would pay for it!! Such a nice girl! We enjoyed our hot chocolates in front of the fire!!!

As a side note - Lucy was so excited when we got to Caribou that when she got out of the car she ran so fast she slipped in the snow and fell down- sending her credit card flying! She was a bit upset - hence her sad face in the first picture! She was all smiles after her hot chocolate!

Holding on tight to her credit card

Enjoying every sip of her hot chocolate!

Hey can't a girl finish her drink without having her picture taken?

My Sweet Girl

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! We are just catching up here after a long time away. We enjoyed our trip to St. Louis as well as our visit to Grandma W's! We packed a lot into a 2 week period! We visited with family and friends and Lucy got to see all 26 of her cousins and both of her Grandmas and her Grandpa!!! We enjoyed a great time away! Lucy was a real trooper in the car (we spent a lot of time in the car :) She had a great time with everyone. We came home took down all of the decorations and are now ready to start the new year! We have lots to do as we have sold our house and are moving in three weeks! Eekkkk I need to get off of the computer and get back to organizing!!! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Holiday and are off to a great New Year!

Enjoying brunch with Uncle Patrick and Aunt Allison

Making cookies with Mimi

Spending time with Grandma W

Opening all of her gifts from Grandma!

Having a perfect Christmas Eve dinner at Aunt Cathy'& Uncle Michael's house

Polishing off the last of Santa's cookies!

Opening her gifts from Santa!

Helping Mimi and Papa open their gifts!

Playing in the snow on Christmas morning with Audrey!

Enjoying the party at Mimi and Papa's house!