Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Last Days of Summer

We have thoroughly enjoyed the last official days of summer! We have had beautiful warm days and have enjoyed them all outdoors. We hope you are all enjoying warm weather and the official end of summer. We're hoping for a warm fall up North!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girls Day Out

As a birthday treat, Lucy's friend Phoebe took her to the mall to build a doll. The girls had a great time. Since school is back in session the mall was empty. Lucy and Phoebe were the only two people in the doll store - which made for a nice time for everyone. The girls picked out their dolls - Lucy's had brown hair and Phoebe's had blonde and then they went to work. After the dolls were complete we went to lunch and did a little shopping. The girls had so much fun together. They started the day off by holding hands and ended it the same way. Thanks for a fun day Phoebe!!!!!

Good Buddies!
Lucy picked out her doll

She's ready for the stuffing!

Phoebe picking out her doll's heart
Two girls making a mess
The finished product

Lucy enjoys shopping (poor Daddy)
Phoebe follows suit
Phoebe spots the cookie counter!
Lucy wants one of each
A perfect day with my good buddy!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Lucy, Happy Birthday To You!

Today we celebrated Lucy's 2nd birthday! I can hardly believe that the sweet little baby I met for the first time just last summer has grown into a full fledged toddler. She seems to have grown up right before our eyes. She has come a long way since last September.

It was a beautiful day here. We enjoyed a trip to the zoo and then we went out to lunch. When Lucy came down from her nap she opened her eyes to a big surprise - her very own little kitchen and was it a big hit! She just loved it. Her daddy surprised her with her very own fish - she just loves fish and now she has her own. The first thing she wanted to do was to feed it. I think she will take good care of her new pet.

Her buddy Vie Vie came over for a visit and then Aunt Maggie, Molly and Conor came over for her birthday dinner. (Uncle Kelly was busy winning Lillyputt). When Molly and Conor arrived she ran out the front door to tell them about her kitchen -she was just sooo excited! It was quite cute. We all enjoyed dinner and birthday cake - especially Lucy (surprise, surprise:).

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Lucy! My birthday wish for you is that every year is better and happier than the one before. The reality for me is that since the day we met you every day has been better and happier than the one before! You're the best daughter a Mommy and Daddy could ask for. Thanks for being our sweet Lulu !We love you to the moon and back!!!!

Our sweet 2 year old
Enjoying a visit from Vie Vie
Oh look what I got - thanks Vie!
Look at my new fish!
I love my fish!
My very own kitchen!
I'm going to get to work
Look I'm making dinner!
I think I will pour some tea!
How does this microwave work?

I love to make toast

I need to wash my dirty pans
I think I will cook up a chicken
Looks hot I better blow on it

Chef Lucy!
Is it cake time?!
I love my cake!
I love it so much that I licked off the polka dots before Mommy lit the candles!


Molly helped open gifts
So did Conor
Mimi - I love my Magna Doodle
What do you mean I have to go to bed? I'm having sooo much fun!

(She fell asleep while I was putting on her pj's) - sweet dreams birthday girl!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh Miss Lucy

I can't believe it but we this week we will have been home with Lucy for 14 months. It seems like only yesterday that we met our sweet girl for the first time and then other times it seems like she has been with us forever. All of a sudden she seems like such a big girl- she has certainly made a lot of progress over the past 14 months and especially the past few months. The following are a few of her favorite things.
  • She LOVES the moon! Not a day goes by that she doesn't ask me if the moon is out. I have to explain to her that the moon is sleeping. She hasn't been able to see the moon much this summer as she is usually asleep by the time it comes out. But let me tell you she never ever misses seeing it when it is still out during the day. She goes crazy when she finds it and I think it makes her day.
  • She has yet to meet a dog she doesn't like. She knows all of the dogs in the neighborhood and especially likes the two biggest dogs, Bogart and Buddy. She always puts her hand out for the dogs to sniff and cracks up when they lick her palm.
  • She is getting more stubborn by the day - but it takes a stubborn person to know one:)
  • She has started dressing herself. Well at least she's trying. She especially loves putting on her p.j.s and her shoes and I must say 9 times out of 10 she gets her shoes on the correct feet.
  • She also loves putting my clothes on. She loves going into my closet and opening the drawers and putting on whatever she can get her hands on - and she never stops at one layer.
  • She loves mimicking whatever we do. She enjoys getting ready with me in the morning and imitating all of my daily routines. She always gets my blow dryer out for me -and hands me my hairbrush after I shower. I have saved an empty deodorant bottle for her, an empty eye drop bottle and a little container with moisturizer. When I put my deodorant on she puts her on, my eye drops in hers in, and on and on. When her daddy shaves she stands next to him on her stool and acts just like she is shaving.
  • She always brings her plastic lipstick with her whenever we go bye-bye.
  • She loves to kiss our boo-boos to make them better. She even loves kissing her own boo-boos.
  • She does not like me to ever be on my laptop when she is awake - which I shouldn't be as I would much rather be spending time with her than on a computer. If by chance I do need to get on she always closes it and says , "Done". Which always makes me laugh!
  • Her vocabulary is expanding and she is trying very hard to learn new words. She "talks' all day - words or not.
  • She loves to joke around and make funny faces.
  • She still waves and blows a kiss to every plane she sees and says Daddy (Daddy travels a lot for work)
  • Her favorite number is 9. Whenever I ask her a question that the answer involves a number she answers with "Nine" and then laughs.
  • She loves to put any bag on her shoulder, grocery bag, purse, tote, her dad's briefcase (which she can barely pick up) grab our hidden house key and walk to the front door and tell me good-bye. She then closes the door behind her and tries to open it with her key - to no avail I might add.
  • She loves talking on the phone and unfortunately dialing it - she called 9-1-1- last week!
  • She loves all of her books but still has her very favorites, Hug, Goodnight Gorilla and Tumble Bumble
  • She loves helping me water the flowers and vegetables.
  • In the evening she loves me to hold her and asks if she can be "my baby". This is what I love.

Well I could go on and on - but these are the things that stand out right now. Needless to say we love every little thing about Miss Lucy. I must say these have been the best 14 months I can ever remember!