Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Year Ago Today

June 24, 2007 was one of the happiest days of my life, as it was the day we finally met Lucy! The entire day is etched in my memory and I think of it often. I barely slept the night before due to excitement. I had our bags packed and by the door before we ever went to breakfast. While eating breakfast we saw the majority of our travel group. We had been aquainting ourselves with the group for the previous two days. This day was different though, everyone who was once loud and boisterous were now quiet and reserved. I think we were all a bit nervous, very excited and unsure of the day ahead of us.

We flew from Beijing to Nanchang. It was an incredibly hot day. When we got to the hotel in Nanchang there was a crib set up in our room. It hit me right then that today was really the day. The day that we had been waiting for for years. In just a few short hours we would be meeting our sweet Lucy. I paced around the room, gathered all of my gifts, prepared the bottles, got the camera and video camera and was ready to go.

We drove to the Civil Affairs Building. We went up the elevator and when we stepped off all we heard were crying babies. I wondered if Lucy was already there. We walked around the hot room with our friends Wendy and Tim and began to look for our girls. It was very chaotic. I had pictured a formal presentation ceremony. It was nothing like that - nothing at all. It was mass confusion. After being in the room for quite some time everyone in our group started to receive their daughters. I still hadn't spied Lucy. She was the only baby in the group from her particular orphanage. As everyone was receiveving their babies I was beginning to panic - where was Lucy? Rich and I then spotted a man walk across the room with the cutest little girl in a green dress. Leave it to Lucy to be fashionably late:) Well as the saying goes, "They saved the best for last" - At least that is how we felt. Our guide walked over to the man holding the baby and announced that yes indeed this was Lin Xiang Qi. She then introduced us to her. Here was our daughter that I had only been dreaming about- I could hardly catch my breath. When the Orphanage Director put Lucy into my arms - I knew I would never want to let her go.

As we filed into the bus to return to the hotel it began to rain. Lucy sat in my arms and looked out the window. I wondered what she was thinking about. I was filled with such joy and excitement - this was the day we had been waiting for forever. But this sweet little 9 month old girl had no idea what the day would bring. Early that morning she left the place that she considered home. She said good-bye to all of the people who had loved her and cared for her. She traveled in a car for the first time and drove a very long way to get to us on a very hot day. She entered a noisy room filled with people laughing and crying. She was handed to two strangers who looked like no one she had ever seen before and now she was on a bus in the arms of someone who loved her more than she could ever realize. She never once cried - but I am certain that she was scared and confused. She was our brave girl. She closed her eyes and fell asleep within minutes. I looked at her and wanted her to know that we would always be there to comfort her, protect her and most of all love her unconditionally. I knew she wouldn't be able to understand that then but I am so happy that she trusted us enough to allow us to do just that.

One year later and I am as happy now as I was on that wonderful day! Lucy has filled our hearts and our home with love and happiness. I look at her every day like I looked at her on our first meeting - with pure wonderment and excitement. We thank God every day that this perfect little girl joined our family. I am still not sure I ever want to let her out of my arms.

*** I put together a video for Lucy of our trip and her first year. I have tried and tried to upload it this week but to no avail. The file is too large and I have no intention of shortening it as it took sometime to get it just right and since the video is really meant to be a keepsake for Lucy I will keep it as is. In the mean time I will try to work on a condensed version for her blog to share with you. For now I will just share a few photos.

Thanks to everyone who has followed along with us this past year. Thank you for your kind words and sweet messages - they have all been much appreciated.

Our First Family Photo!
June 2007
June 2007
One year later
June 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Play Ball

We have been spending most of the day outdoors as of late. Lucy loves to play ball. She found a baseball and a bat that her cousin Conor left at our house. Clearly she had paid attention when he played and she decided to give it a go herself. We played for a long time until she finally wore herself out! Hope you are all enjoying some time outside as well!

As a sidenote - I can't believe it but it was one year ago today that we left for China to bring home Lucy! I will post something special next week for our one year anniversary.

I'm ready to play!
Is this the right way?

Here I go
I'm determined to hit it!
I'm going to throw one to Mom

Game Over!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Very Own Table and Chairs!

The Fedex man delivered two big packages to Lucy last week. She was so excited to open them and even more excited when she saw what was in the boxes. Grandma Wilma sent her an umbrella table and chairs, a lounge chair and plates and sippy cups that all match. It was the perfect gift as we love to eat outside during the summer. Lucy thinks it is pretty great having her own space. Whenever we eat outside now she sets all of her stuff up at her table, sits in her chair and eats her dinner at her very own table. Thanks so much Grandma - we miss you and love you!!!!!

What could be in here?
My very own umbrella table!
My lounge chair has a cup holder for my new sippy cup!
I think I better try out all of the cups to see if they work
Bon Apetit!
I Love my table!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful dads out there. Especially to the two greatest dads around - Lucy's Dad and Lucy's Grandpa!!! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday with Sophie

Some time ago I came across a blog that I just love. The blog is made up of the most amazing photos of one of the cutest little girls you will ever see. I like to check the blog to see what adventures Sophie is up to. Her mom and dad are wonderful photographers. When looking through their blog I realized that we must live in the same city, as they frequent many of the same spots as we do. Come to find out we live just minutes apart from one other. On Saturday we had the pleasure of getting together with Sophie and her Mom. We had so much fun. Miss Sophie is as sweet and polite as she is cute. She carried a little pink purse full of goodies that she shared with Lucy. She taught Lucy how to apply lip gloss, she shared her cell phone, her calculator and her Hello Kitty mirror. What more does a girl need?! We enjoyed breakfast at one of our favorite spots. The girls ran around after we ate. They played chase, looked at the fish in the fountain and ate lots of goldfish. I was able to capture a few photos - although the girls were ready to go home. I think their moms may have talked a bit too long for their liking:) Thanks for meeting with us Sophie - we hope to see you again sometime soon!

Miss Sophie
New Friends

Sophie helps Lucy get a better look at the fish.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Lucy had a fun day at the park with her friend Ming! Ming is our neighbor and she was adopted from China just a few months after Lucy. She and Lucy are from the same Province in China and are only two months apart in age. The girls had such a fun time together. I am so happy that they live so close to us. We look forward to many more playdates.

My favorite climber
Hey, where's Ming?
Here I am Lucy
Sweet Ming
Let's go down the slide Ming
That was fun!
Here we go again!
A big hug for Lucy

A big hug for Ming