Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Memories

The kids table before dinner

The table filled with kids

The adult table before dinner

All of our guests

Lucy had a great first Thanksgiving and we had a great day with her. She had so much fun with all of her cousins and friends. She wants to thank the Hennesseys for coming up all the way from St. Louis to be with us. She had so much fun with Aunt Ann, Uncle Joe, Catherine, Maggie, Sean and Patsy. As always she loved being with Aunt Maggie, Uncle Kelly, Molly, and Conor. She was so glad that Holly, Carter, Adeline, Oliver and Phoebe joined us as well. I wish I would have taken more pictures - but I was busy cooking. So much for being prepared ahead of time. We hope you all had a great day as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Yours!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! I imagine it is no surprise what we are thankful for this year! We are so thankful to finally have Lucy in our lives! She gives us something to be thankful for every day. We are especially thankful to the people in China who matched us with the PERFECT daughter - she fits in, in every way. We can't wait to spend her first Thanksgiving with her. We are thankful for all of the wonderful people in our lives - especially our family and friends. You have all been so kind and generous to us over the past year. We are lucky enough to be spending Thanksgiving with some of our family and some very good friends. For those who we won't be with this Thanksgiving know that we are thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful day! We are looking forward to a fun Thanksgiving day!

Lucy wants to wish a special Happy Thanksgiving to Grandma Wilma and Granny and Pa! She can't wait to see you next month. She sends love and kisses! She is thankful for such wonderful grandparents!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

And She's Off

Lucy has been working very hard at walking. She has been perfecting her walk for some time now. Just this past weekend she seems to have mastered it! She is so proud of herself- she claps for herself everytime she gets to where she is going. It's hard to keep up with her - she will keep her old mom on her toes!

I have a video that I have tried to post numerous times to no avail- so if it works later I will add it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Enjoying The Warmer Days

Trying to get up the steps as fast as she can - (not her best side)

Sitting in front of the tree that daddy planted for me

I love the leaves

It's been so nice here for the past few days that we can actually go outside without a coat on. I know our warm days are numbered as the cold weather is on its way. We will take advantage of the warmer temperatures as long as we can. Lucy loves being outside and playing in the leaves - even with her terrible cold!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Home for Four Months

We have been home with Lucy for four months now! Time is flying by. Sometimes it seems like she has been with us forever and then sometimes it seems just like yesterday that we saw her sweet little face for the first time. She is really progressing and coming into her own. She still loves the cordless phone and the remote control more than anything else in the house. She loves to "read" her books everyday. She has started to tease us. She will act like she is handing us something and then she pulls it away as fast as she can. She laughs every time she tricks us. She is mastering the art of walking- slowly but surely. She can climb the stairs lickety split. She has five teeth and has had her first haircut. Everytime she sees an airplane she points to it, says "dada" and blows it a kiss (maybe Rich should slow his travels down). She seems to do something new everyday. We don't know what we would do without her- she makes our days brighter! We love you Lucy!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun!

What are we going to do with this pumpkin?

Oh I see
I want to help Daddy

Hmmm I wonder what that stuff tastes like that dad is taking from the pumpkin?

Not so good.

My dad finished carving my pumpkin and my mom put a bow in it!

A girl and her pumpkin.

Hmmm I've got an idea

I'm going to take that bow off of the pumpkin

It didn't work - I'll just take my bow out

Okay - what's with the bunny suit?

I still want to get that bow out

This bunny outfit isn't so bad

Where did mom hide my candy?

I'll just play with these apples.

Forget the apples I am going to get Conor and Molly's candy

Here I come!

My partners in crime!

Lucy's first Halloween was quite fun. She loved helping her dad carve the pumpkins. She liked seeing everyone in their costumes, especially her cousins Molly and Conor. She didn't mind her costume at all and it even kept her warm. She had lots of fun at the neighborhood party prior to trick-or-treating. She ate pizza with the big kids and showed off her bunny costume. She even made it a few blocks collecting candy with her dad. We all had a fun time!