Monday, October 29, 2007

Lucy's first Haircut

Who's that lady walking over to me with a pair of scissors in her hand?

I'll just drive my car and act like I don't see her.

This isn't so bad.

Almost done.

I like what she did- I look pretty.

I was trying to hold out until Christmas to get Lucy's haircut, at least that was my plan. Lucy's hair had a plan of it's own. So it was time to get a cut. I told Rich that the guy who cuts my hair told me he would be happy to cut Lucy's hair. Rich didn't think it necessary for Lucy to go to a salon to have her haircut. He thought it was kind of my stylist to offer but didn't think she needed his services. Why did I open my big mouth? So I went ahead and took her to a kid's hair salon. I put her in a little car and the cutting began. A few crackers later and a few minutes later her hair was cut. Really I think the entire cut took 3 maybe 4 minutes. All she did was clean it up and trim the ends - which is exactly what I requested. I just thought it would take longer than 3 minutes - oh well. I must say it looked better when we left than when we went in. I will wait to take her to the Salon until her hair takes more than 3 minutes to cut!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkins, Apples and Pretty Leaves

Look at all of the pumpkins

The beautiful fall trees

Falling leaves

So many pumpkins to choose from

Daddy I like this one

But I think I will keep looking

These look good as well

I'm going to keep looking

I really like these two

We'll take these!

Thanks for the bite of your apple Conor

Where did Conor go with that apple?

Thanks for the apple Conor

This apple is so good

Now I am going to eat Molly's apple

We had a fun fall weekend full of pumpkins, apples and pretty trees. We took a drive to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and saw the beautiful fall colors. Lucy went to Minnehaha Falls on Sunday with Molly Conor and Aunt Maggie. We had a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lucy's Baptism

Lucy's Pretty shoes (the ones she can untie and take the laces out of)

Lucy's pretty Christening gown that we bought in China.(Picture taken prior to cleaners ironing)

Miss Lucy

Thanks for being my godparents Aunt Maggie and Uncle Joe

I'm going to take your book Aunt Maggie

I just threw my bow on the ground
Aunt Maggie putting my shoe back on

Waving to Jesus

So much for Aunt Maggie putting my shoe back on

I didn't cry when Uncle Dan poured the water on me

Thanks for coming to my Baptism Evonne!

What a fun Party!

Nothing better than being in my big brother's arms!

This past weekend we went to St. Louis where Lucy was Baptized along with her three newest cousins, James, Audrey and Mia. Lucy's newest cousins were all born within the past 8 weeks, therefore, making her the old lady of the group. My Uncle Dan baptized all of the babies just as he had baptized all of their parents before them.

The ceremony was quite nice- needless to say the alter was very full. All of the newborns were quiet throughout the entire ceremony. Lucy on the other hand was quite verbal and very busy. She figured out how to untie her pretty shoes,remove the laces and take them off. She took off her bracelet, pulled out her bow, pulled the program from Aunt Maggie's hand, blew kisses to the crowd, and waved to Jesus on the alter behind her. I guess there is a reason to have babies baptized when they are newborns as opposed to 13 months old- they seem to behave better and yes they have their original sin removed sooner.

Lucy's Grandma, her great Aunt Betty and cousin Evonne drove all morning just to be there for her big day! We had a big party after the Baptism- more than 100 people were there. We had lots of food, pretty flowers, and the weather held out so we could be outside. We had tents put up just in case but everything worked out great. Uncle Joe even managed to get a big screen TV outside and set chairs up so that the guys wouldn't miss any Saturday afternoon football! A good time was had by all.

I would like to say I have a good picture of all 4 babies together but I don't. Like all things in a big family they day was quite chaotic - so I took the pictures that I could get. My mom actually had a notion that she was going to get a picture of all 25 of her grandchildren after the baptism was over. Once the Baptism was over her Grandchildren ran in 25 different directions - maybe next time!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Future Farmer of America?

Such a good helper!

Working so hard!

Here's some more Basil

This looks so good I think I will take a bite of it!

This pepper is so pretty!

Not sure that I want to taste this one.

Can I eat this Mom?

We sure have picked a lot today.

I'm tired of picking - let's go inside and cook these for dinner!

So sorry it has been so long since I have posted - computer problems that have now been fixed.

We have had unseasonably warm weather here in Minneapolis as of late. For anyone who knows me they know that this makes me quite happy - no hurry for winter for this girl! So not only does the sun being out and the temperature being above normal make us happy - we still have vegetables and herbs growing like crazy in our garden. This is quite nice. Lucy loves to help pick the vegetables and herbs. She picks the flowers as well. She helps by putting all of her picks into the collander along with mulch and sticks. She tries a bite or two along the way.

We are off to St. Louis for a visit and most importantly for Lucy's Baptism. I'm sure I will take lots of pictures while we are there so I will post when we return. Until then take care and enjoy these Indian Summer days!