Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Three Month Anniversary With Lucy

Lucy is enjoying the last official day of summer - she loves the warm sun on her face!

I can't believe that it has been three months since we met Lucy for the first time. I must say three months have flown by and lots of things have changed.
  • Lucy now has 5 teeth coming in - she had none the first time we met her.
  • Lucy can crawl like a champ. She can pull herself up and she can walk all around the room with the help of any piece of furniture or her mom and dad's fingers. I think she will be walking on her own very soon. This is a big change as when we were with her in China she would tip over when we just sat her on the bed.

  • Lucy sleeps through the night - 12 hours a night! She rarely wakes up and when she does she just wants a little pat to help her go back to sleep.

  • Lucy knows her name and always turns her head when she hears it.

  • Lucy recognizes all of the people that she sees often.

  • She bables all of the time. Her favorite word is da da da da da - of course!

  • She laughs out loud every day.

The things Lucy loves:

  • The phone, the remote and Mom's laptop
  • Any swing
  • Her little gym class
  • Waving Good-Bye - she waves so hard I think her arm is going to fly off
  • Taking her bow out of her hair and waving it at me while laughing
  • Seeing her dad when he comes home from work
  • Pointing her finger at everything she sees
  • Dancing and listening to music
  • Being tickled
  • Anything she finds on the floor/ground that she can put in her mouth
  • Any and all food - she continues to be a good eater
  • Sharing everything she has - from her food to her toys. (I don't think she really knows she is sharing - but she hands you everything she has).
  • Opening the blinds in her room when she wakes up in the morning and closing them when she goes to bed at night.

We love Lucy like crazy. She is so sweet and so much fun. It is hard to believe that we have already known her for three months. Like I said it has flown by. I wish she would just stay the age she is right now because she is so much fun and so sweet. I know I will think this at every age (well perhaps not the teenage years) but I must say I am in no rush for her to grow up. We are certainly enjoying the moment and love every day with sweet Lucy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hats, Hats and More Hats

I can wear this one next summer

Kind of Sassy

Pretty in Pink

I love bunnies

I can wear this on St. Patrick's Day

My mom thinks I look cute in red

My Halloween Hat

What is this hat- what happened to the pretty ones?

Please take this hat off of me!

I was putting something in Lucy's closet when I noticed she has quite a few hats. I suppose I must have bought all of these before we brought her home because I haven't bought one since we have been home. Now that it is getting cooler out I'm sure there will be lots of cute hats at the stores - how many hats does a little girl need? It does get cold here so I am sure Lucy will wear all of her hats - I mean she needs something to go with all of her coats.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lucy's Birthday - Part 2

Lucy had a Great First Birthday!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy!!!!

September 6, 2006 - according to my calendar Rich and I went to a baseball game. I actually remember the day, as it was the first time we went to a Twins game since moving to Minneapolis. Now mind you this was a bigger deal for Rich than it was for me but I remember it none the less. I also remember that it was beautiful late summer day. It was sunny, yet not too hot and we enjoyed the weather while walking around downtown. Little did we know that half way around the world our daughter had just been born. Somewhere in China there was a very brave woman who left her baby in safe spot where she knew she would be found and I'm sure hoped she would be comforted, taken care of and most importantly be loved.

Fast forward one year later and today we are celebrating Lucy's first birthday. A year ago today I would have never believed it. When we received her referral in May I was so shocked when I found out she was only 8 months old. One of the first things I thought of was that we would get to celebrate her first birthday with her. I'm not sure why I thought this was such a big deal but I do remember thinking of it. I realize a one year old doesn't know it's their birthday most likely they won't even remember it. But what I discovered today is that I will always remember it.

I will remember the sweet smile Lucy had on her face this morning when I went in to her room. I will remember the fact that she got to spend the day with her Grandma who traveled here to meet her for the first time and celebrate her birthday with her. I will remember that she got to share her birthday dinner with her cousins Molly and Conor and her Aunt Maggie. I will remember the way she looked in her sweet birthday outfits and her birthday hat. I will remember her openeing her gifts and loving the paper as much as the gift. I will remember her "reading" her birthday cards as if she knew exactly what they said. I will remember the way she attacked her birthday cake and the smile on her face when she ate the first bite. I will remember the look of excitement when she saw all of the pink balloons around the house. I will remember Rich and I kissing her goodnight after her big day and telling her to have sweet dreams. She smiled and closed her eyes. I really think that she will have sweet dreams tonight (perhaps cake induced - but sweet dreams none the less). The thing that I will remember the most about Lucy's first birthday is that she is part of a family. A family who waited a long time for her arrival and who love her like crazy. A family who feels blessed every day that she is with us. That's why I think I was so excited to celebrate her first birthday with her.

My wish for Lucy is that each of her birthdays is happy and fun and full of excitement. That every year of her life is better than the year before. My wish for the brave woman in China who made a life changing decision last year is that somehow she knows in her heart that Lucy is now and will always be comforted, taken care of and loved more than I ever knew possible by her mom and dad and her extended family. On this her birthday I am so thankful for the greatest gift we have ever received - I 'm thankful for the sweetest daughter in the world. Happy Birthday Sweet Lucy - We Love You!!!!!!!
I took many more pictures that I will post in the next few days

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Fun Week For Lucy

Riding the Trolley for the first time

This is Fun!!!

Lucy had a fun week - she was quite busy. She went to the zoo with Molly and Conor and just loved it. She especialy liked the prairie dogs - she laughed and laughed when she saw them. She was in her stroller and could get right up next to the glass and almost touch them.
On Sunday she took her first trolley ride at Lake Harriet with her buddies Vie Vie and Eddie. She thought it was so much fun. It was a beautiful night and she enjoyed the view.

She took a walk on Monday to The Rose Garden. She was so hot when we got there that she decided to splash around in the fountain. She thought that was so much fun - she got quite wet but it cooled her off. She then looked at all of the roses - she smelled them and of course tried to eat them!. We will take her back when it is not so hot.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

(I screwed up on the order of the pictures - but I think you get it)