Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lucy's Marathon Trip To St. Louis

Lucy made her first visit to St. Louis. She had a great time. She stayed at Granny and Grandpa's house. She just loved it there. They had 3 different cribs that she could choose from - one was even in their room so she could nap with Grandma. They had so many fun toys for her to play with she didn't know what to do.

She got to meet so many new people. People that she has been waiting to meet for a very long time. Most of them were family members who she has heard so much about. She was so happy to finally get to meet them in person. Here is who she met while in St. Louis. Her brother and sister, Adam and Shannon. Her Uncle Mark, Aunt Tammy and cousin Grace. Her Uncle Matt, Aunt Megan, Clare, Finn and her newest cousin James who wasn't even 2 weeks old. She met Aunt Molly, Uncle Joe, Henry, Leo, Billy and Tommy. She can't wait to meet their new brother or sister next time we are in town. She met Uncle Patrick and Aunt Allison and their cute new puppy Sophie. She loved Sophie as well as Patrick and Allison. She was lucky enough to get to meet Aunt Pat and Uncle Dan. She also met Gretchen and Liz, Diane and Annie and Kim and Mick. She loved everyone she met.

She was quite social while in town. She went out to lunch, out to dinner, out for coffee and out for brunch. She went swimming, she went to a birthday party for her cousin and she went to a lovely party at Aunt Allison and Uncle Patrick's house. She ate Grandma's homemade egg rolls and she tried her very first sweet which was a piece of birthday cake that grandma made for she and Tommy (whose birthdays are only 1 week apart). She loved her visit and she actually endured a 3 hour flight delay on the way there and a 2 hour delay on the way home. She was a real trooper. She can't wait to go back for a much longer visit so she can meet all of the other people in St. Louis who she hears about all of the time.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I Love The Phone

I'm going to dial this phone

There I did it!

There is someone on the other end saying, "Hello". I must have done something right!

Our family room has become "Lucyfied". It used to have a sofa, two chairs, and a TV. We now have what I consider a very big basket of toys, a little alphabet train station set up on the floor, numerous stuffed animals and stuffed blocks on the floor as well as her little quilt. All of those things to chose from and all she wants to do is to play with the phone. She presses all of the buttons and laughs everytime it makes a noise. Yesterday she must have hit the redial button (although I am sure she is smart enough to have dialed their number :) and she called Granny and Pa. She was surprised when they called back and the phone rang while she was holding it. Oh well I guess she is like her mom and loves the phone - there are worse things.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The White House and The Wiggles

Lucy had two firsts this week. She received her first letter in the mail that was addressed to her. It was funny getting a piece of mail that had her name on it. Her first piece of mail was from the White House. She received a letter from George Bush congratulating her on her U.S. Citizenship. In addition to the letter she received her US Citizenship Certificate. So I thought that was a pretty good first peice of mail to receive. All I got this week were bills and junk mail.

Her second first was that she went to her first concert - we went and saw The Wiggles. Yes I said we - I went to a Wiggles concert - I never thought I would say that. Maggie got tickets from work so we got to sit in a box which makes The Wiggles much more enjoyable. Lucy seemed to love it. She clapped her hands and danced around while standing on my legs. She loved watching Conor and Sophie who knew all of the words and dance moves that went with the songs. I think all of the clapping and dancing wore both she and Conor out as they fell asleep on the ride home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A New Trick

I always say that Lucy is a happy baby and I post pictures of her either smiling or laughing. Well there are times when she is not so happy. This is due to the fact that she is very stubborn (yes I did get the right baby). She has decided that when she is finished a meal, she is finished and she wants out of her highchair. Which means she wants either Rich or myself to hold her while we are still eating.
Mind you we are sitting right next to her. We leave her in her highchair until we have finished eating and just talk to her - this seems to make her quite angry. This week she discovered how to lift the tray of her chair and get it over her head to make the ease of exit better. She screams and cries when she does this (fake cry). It looks a bit funny as she looks like a weightlifter when she lifts the tray. I guess I shouldn't be laughing and taking a picture of a crying baby but it is picture worthy and pretty funny. Well it's pretty funny until I have to sweep the kitchen floor for what seems like the hundreth time of the day because all of her leftover food that was on her tray is now on the floor - joke's on me I guess.

Her next post will be all smiles!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Fun Weekend

Lucy had her first sleepover this weekend. Her cousins Molly and Conor spent the night and they all had so much fun. They all wore their Chinese pajamas, watched movies and played with Lucy's toys.

It was a beautiful day on Sunday so we took Lucy to the pool. She played in the water with Rich and had so much fun. She loves to lounge in her floaty and "swim" around the pool.

Hope everyone is well. We hope everyone in St. Louis is handling the heatwave and keeping cool.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Home For One Month (and a few days)

As of Saturday we have been home with Lucy for one month. She seems to learn new things everyday and each day she amazes us. Since we have been home she has made some significant strides.

She can now pull her self up to a sitting position as well as kneel up. This is a vast improvement from the first day we had her at the hotel and sat her on the bed and she tipped over. We continued to sit her up and she continued to tip. When I go in her room in the morning she is just sitting up in her bed and smiling.
She sleeps through the night for about 12 hours. For the past two weeks she has not woken up once. The entire time in China and our first couple of weeks home she always woke up a few times a night with the saddest cry. We would go to her bed and pat her cheek and assure her that we were here and she would fall back asleep. Now she must know she is sleeping in her own bed at her own home and happily sleeps through the night.

She is taking two naps a day as of last week and is staying on a little bit of a schedule. She cries for a short time when I put her down but eventually falls asleep. I hate to hear her cry but I know she is tired. From the first day we received her she scratches her head and neck when she is tired, and messes her hair up. this seems to be the true indicator that she is ready to go down for a nap or for the night.

She can pull her self up to a crawling postion and scoot across the floor. She has yet to master the real crawl but is getting around a bit. It's okay with me as I know once she begins to crawl things will change around here.

She loves to sit in her highchair and eat a meal and try to feed herself. Her highchair was actually my moms when she was a baby. My dad refinished it and updated it with a tight strap to keep her in. We just love it and are so thankful for the kindness of my dad to work so hard at restoring it.

Lucy continues to love to eat. She tries new foods every week and she has yet to have something she doesn't like. She "teases" us when she eats and turns her head from side to side and laughs and acts as if she doesn't want what we are giving her. She then eats it and laughs again as thought she has tricked us.

She went from no teeth when we met her to having two teeth right now.

She recoginzes both Rich and myself and always smiles when she sees us. We know that someday this will change (not the recognizing - but the smiling and happiness of our sight:) so we are enjoying it while we can!

She also recognizes her name. She always turns her head when she hears Lucy ans she then smiles. She recognizes those around us that she sees often. She always gets excited when she sees someone she knows.

I can't believe we have been home a month - Some days it seems like so much longer and that we have known Lucy forever. She continues to be a happy, sweet, well adjusted little girl. She wakes up with a smile on her face and goes to bed the same way. She looks at us and melts our hearts. I know that everyone who has children knows how I feel. We feel so blessed to have Lucy in our lives - she is the perfect girl for us! She fits right in and seems like she was made especially for our family. I pinch myself everyday to make sure it is real. I think if we are this happy in one months time - what do the next months and years have in store for us - I can't wait to find out!!!!!

As always thanks to everyone for your nice messages and well wishes. I hope Lucy gets to meet you all sometime soon. Until then take care!

Love -

Bridget, Rich and Lucy

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tutu Cute

Lucy has a pretty colored tutu that she just loves. When she sees it in her room she grabs it and plays with it and laughs and laughs . I put it on her and she played dress up - she thought it was quite fun and I thought it was pretty cute and funny.